(USED) PNY GTX 980 4GB Pure Performance £200.62 @ Amazon Warehouse

(USED) PNY GTX 980 4GB Pure Performance £200.62 @ Amazon Warehouse

£200.62Amazon Deals
Found 27th Jan 2017
Scouring through Amazon warehouse I found this gem. Around the same price as an RX 480 which is continuously compared to the GTX 970, usually trading blows. Not much of an upgrade over the GTX 970 but still better performance than it and the RX 480.

Only 1 in stock to the lucky winner. I would take it myself if I didn't manage to get a 980Ti for £230 on warehouse when the 20% off was around.
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i would never buy a last gen nvidia card. ever.

even less time before Huang starts gimping your card.
Keep in mind you are the second user, and there are warranty implications.
Second user sure but plenty of gamers don't overclock and overvolt their graphics cards to within an inch of their lives. I picked up a second hand GTX 970, it's been going strong for a year now. Since I don't intend to sell it on I've been the one overclocking :P
You still get Amazon protection, officially up to 30 days on the website but through chat they give you 2 years.
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