Used Samsung Galaxy S6 from Amazon Warehouse - £5,689.86

Used Samsung Galaxy S6 from Amazon Warehouse - £5,689.86

£5,680.86Amazon Deals
Found 8th Jan 2017
Hi all, don't miss out on this great/unique opportunity to get used Galaxy S6 in like new condition from Amazon Warehouse for only £5,680.86.
If you're a bit short on cash like me - go for one which is described as used but very good condition for only £5,503.33.
Got myself 5 hand sets, will try to sell them on eBay for a bit of a profit

This is my first deal, but i just couldn't resist and posted it.

Happy New Year and thanks to all the hukd members who find and post real deals or at least try.

Don't understand, but link doesn't work like i t work for me.…e=0
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Heat from me.
not even funny m8

not even funny m8

Lold tbf. Jk
Do you think they'll honour it at this price.

not even funny m8

Sorry you've given up on life.

Sorry you've given up on life.

​This is a typical troll who can't even see a good deal when he sees one!

Deffo heat from me good spot OP
Sorry but I'm going to have to vote this ice cold.

This is because there's a much better deal on amazon selling a used one of these for £9999.99 plus £1.80 delivery.

Hot - we need the odd daft deal posted here, it's what mostly keeps me coming back.
I'll just hunt for sim only deal with 200MB of data to help offset they cost.
Standard practice bro
Damn, missed this deal...gone back down to £439
Bought 5 to stick on eBay . Thanks op should make a fortune
Miserable ppl voting this funny post cold.

Miserable ppl voting this funny post cold.



I think I'll remortgage the house for this deal what a cracking deal

not even funny m8

It's spelt mate, not m8. I bet Christmas is fun in your house!


You're kidding?
I thought retailers did this when they ran out of stock of something.
Instead of removing the item, they set an insane price so that nobody buys. Then when it's back in stock it drops back to the regular price. Can't understand the reasoning (besides continuing to advertise the item maybe) but I have heard several Amazon sellers tell me they do this.
I do always wonder what the reason is for various crazy prices I've seen on amazon like this.
Had some kind of money laundering thing in mind but I guess a computer cock-up is more likely!
I always thought they did it in the hope that some idiot pays the high price.

there's always somebody who will. there's always somebody who thinks a higher price means better.
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