USN Lean - 8 protein - 1GK @ HomeBargains (Southport) - £14.99

USN Lean - 8 protein - 1GK @ HomeBargains (Southport) - £14.99

LocalFound 15th Jul 2016
Usually around £24 for 1KG.
They had choc, strawberry and vanilla flavours.

Introducing, USN Lean-8, a breakthrough formulation to the Core Series containing multi-phase proteins. This precisely engineered blend contains a fantastic mix of fast, medium and slow release proteins (including Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Milk Protein Concentrate and Micellar Casein). Providing you with a great taste and consistency, the USN Lean-8 is scientifically designed to provide you with a premium lean muscle support system. Containing a fantastic blend of premium protein sources, the Lean-8 supplement is the ultimate lean muscle support system. Aimed at anyone looking to support their lean muscle challenge, the Lean-8 supplement provides a premium protein supplement aimed at supporting the recovery and growth of lean muscle.
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1GK = ?
Good deal

1GK = ?

oO OP means 1Kg.
1 Gainz Keg, obviously!!!
This is cheap if you only want/need 1KG.
If you want 4KG you can get it cheaper obviously.

1GK = ?

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