USN PROTEIN BARS 59p @ Home Bargains

USN PROTEIN BARS 59p @ Home Bargains

Found 6th Dec 2015
Protein bars 59p each.... Nice tasting too..
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you had me at forward slash
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Well I voted hot on this one
Edited what a hassle lol
misspelt homebargains , suspect website

How do you spell it then

​You missed the A out.
Very hot, i should have posted this myself last week. I bought one and was suprised, these bars taste like crap normally but these are actually very nice. And the price is amazing too for a protein bar. i bought a months supply because the sell by date on mine was january.

cheers pal.
i paid 2 pound a bar direct from usn for these at a fitness show earlier in year and was amazed when seen same ones in hb for 59p. my local hb had two flavours toffee or yoghurt both great.
What section are they found in?
Had a look last week, couldn't find any in Rotherham. Was a large store.
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