USN Pure Protein GF-1 3.28kg for £31.99 Pistachio flavour @ USN

USN Pure Protein GF-1 3.28kg for £31.99 Pistachio flavour @ USN

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Found 16th Feb 2014
As the title says, 3.28kg of USN Pure Protein delivered for £31.99 using code FREEGF1

Simply add 1kg to your basket (can add any flavour, but pistachio is the cheapest) and you'll get a 2.28kg tub added free when you input the above code in your basket

Includes free uk delivery and topcashback offers 11.55% cash back (not checked quidco)

Don't know expiry dates
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Obviously pistachio tastes like **** otherwise they wouldn't be looking to get rid of it. Over 3 kilos of a protein drink is a helluva lot of powder to be knocking down whilst on verge of throwing it right back up.
Probably, but a lot of people don't care for taste, that's why they sell coffee flavour - they can flog any old toot
Thanks, gonna give it a go, most protein shakes taste like crap anyway!
Reviews on Amazon say it tastes kinda like marzipan which I can cope with for the few seconds a day it takes to drink a protein shake.
Heat from me.
11% Quidco btw
Edit: £3.52 just tracked
Edited by: "deleted800342" 17th Feb 2014
Anyone know which courier they use?
Good price but god awful flavour. Not even tempted.
To be honest I'd pay the extra and get strawberry or chocolate. £40 for 3kg of this stuff is still hot and you'll look forward to your protein shake rather than dreading it.
Ordered! Thanks OP!!
Says coupon invalid on vanilla flavour?
Only works if you add the 2.28kg one and put the code you get another 2.28kg one free!
And you only get pistachio flavour free not another one of the ones you ordered!
They might have edited it so that you can't buy 1kg and get it free

Infact, they have , the shysters
Before expiring this, I've tweeted USN to ask wha gwan because they're advertising the offer again this morning.

I'll update this/ expire it when they reply
Aaaand it's gone. They reckon the 1kg offer was a glitch in their systems. It's gone from a good offer to not an offer at all because it's not £71.99, which is expensive for 4.5kg of a protein blend

Great deal OP me and my mate ordered last night!! Hope it tastes ok too good a deal to turn down
I've tried this previously and it tastes terrible and doesn't mix well at all! Very thick and lumpy but if your looking for cheap protein HOT
I previously tried this and wasn't impressed, the flavour was terrible and it was lumpy and didn't mix well! But if you looking for cheap protein HOT
This is a great price let's hope it tastes okay
with 3 servings per day lasts 3 weeks.

Would prefer it to last a month but it does have high protein content.
rather just get a 5kg tub of 90+ tastes like absolute dogshi. .... but cheapest way to get quality protein in.
90+ had its recipe changed and it's now worse. Much worse.
Ordered mine yesterday morning and it's arrived already, don't care for what the flavour will be like as I have unflavoured protein so am sure it will taste ok to me.
I'll be having this once/twice a day has I use other proteins as well.
Excellent value, high protein product.
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