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British Gas Energy Plus Protection Jan 2020 - £60 @ uswitch
01/01/2019Starts at 01/01/2019Found 11th DecFound 11th Dec
This tariff is similar to last years ”All online 2019” tariff, which seems to be only accessible via compatison sights. The tariff price is lower than any current BG rate that you … Read more

Quick update after an email sent from Uswitch following the order "As of 11 December 2018, your personal projection (est. annual cost) for the British Gas's Energy Plus Protection Jan 2020 plan is £930.18. This is based on consumption figures of 2330 kWh for electricity and 12384 kWh for gas" My actual gas consumption was 9738 kwh. British gas are quoting me £1109 based on my previous consumption for the next best tariff that you can get directly through them. So baring in mind Uswitch are putting an extra 2500 kwh of gas onto that £930 anyone on any tariff ending soon with BG is worth flipping over to this if you don't want to switch providers.


Smaller companies will always be cheaper to start off with but will eventually rack up the prices but not the service. I think i've called British Gas services once in 3 years, unless you're not paying for what you use or can't afford what you use then I can't quite grasp why people would want to call them.


I've applied for it and i'm with them, when you go through the process it will ask you for your existing account number.


Agree we were with Outfox until they announced the massive price increase, switched to Utility Point as came out cheapest on Cheap Energy Club, fixed price for 12 months.


their cs is so bad they probably try and sell you gas and electricity.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro - £38 a month with £0 upfront cost for 15GB a month on EE (via uSwitch)- 24month contract
Found 8th DecFound 8th Dec
Been looking for cheap Mate 20 pro deals since I missed out on Black Friday, here's the best I can find with decent data. Let me know if you can find any better :) Upfront cost:… Read more
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They email me saying need more information to complete my order, ask me to phone but they only open Monday to Friday, so I was going to phone today, then I got an email said deal finish so they cancel my order


Have they credit checked you then binned the order?


Sorry to hear that. Hopefully someone managed to take advantage of the deal. I'll expire this one though.


Same email, I ordered on Friday night then got email yesterday said need more information to process my order, then this morning email said deal finish so they cancel my order, very sad! Just have to wait for another deal. May have to wait till after Xmas


Ordered this yesterday but received an email this morning saying deal no longer available.

Samsung S9 Black ID mobile with 0 upfront and £23.99 p/m 24 months 500 mins unlimites texts 1GB data £575.76 via Uswitch (exclusive)
Found 28th NovFound 28th Nov
This deal is ideally Best for people who only want to buy the handset to gift to anyone but dont want to pay whole amount at one go. Its basically a 24 month contract with ID mobi… Read more
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Take a screen shot or keep a record of that chat :) just in case ....


I msged them on Facebook. "All handsets are unlocked" thx


No idea about that. They use 3 mobile infrastructure and it’s a subsidiary of CPW which usually give unlock handsets. I would advice to check with ID mobile first.


R the phones sim free from I'D mobile do u know?


It's ended anyway, that's why I deleted.

P20 Pro for £37pm (£27.79pm after cashback) for 24 months on Vodafone with 80gigs, unlimited mins and texts + extras @ MPD via USwitch
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
Cracking deal I just ordered - Vodafone plan with 80 gigs per month, unlimited minutes and messages plus 24 months of either Now TV, Sky Sports, Spotify or Amazon Video for less th… Read more

Why you moaning then? Some people eh


This is not my deal. Do a search before posting and you won't get mocked XD XD XD


It's been posted about 50 times in the past couple days that's why. Do a search before posting and you won't get voted down.


This is not only device price as the title clearly indicates. This including mobile services for a reasonable price. And this is good deal. It seems that many people have problems understanding the offers.


You can get the Mate 20 Pro for cheaper than that

FREE £20 Amazon Voucher AND save ££££ getting a better best Gas & Electric Deal @ uswitch
Found 24th NovFound 24th Nov
No brainer this - and a win win situation. Potentially save ££££ per month & year on your current deal AND get a FREE £20 Amazon Voucher for the privilege. **Need to visit th… Read more

Yes. I just got a cheque for £34 for switching to a cheaper tariff from energy helpline. £20 isn't great.


Just go through Quidco or TCB to uswitch. You'll get more than £20.


I'm countering it, what HUKD is all about ;). £20 (Amazon voucher) is peanuts for a dual fuel switch.


lol seriously? (lol) Ok here it goes.... on the record..... "I can confirm that I am NOT a uswtich representative in any way, shape or help me God" tbf I do the same as you - I check Cashback sites 1st, if there's nothing decent I will the check MSE, uswitch, moneysupermarket etc etc etc etc etc. then go for the best deal. All I'm highlighting with this deal is if you do end up using uswitch BECAUSE thats the best way for you then £20 FREE!!! But of course do what's best for you and what gives you the best saving! Oh...and you can quote me on all that (y)


That's complete nonsense without knowing what you were paying before (kWh + standing charge) and the previous supplier you are using. You sound like a uswitch representative to me, as said I have no links to any of theses companies. I'll put it on record. Will you?

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Iphone 6s 32gb in Gold £16.99 pm on ID mobile. No upfront cost, 250 mins, 1GB data, unlimited texts via £407.76 Uswitch (exclusive)
Found 24th NovFound 24th Nov
Yes, I know it's a relatively old phone now. And yes, 1GB data is pitiful, but it will be fine for my daughter (embarrassed) As stated it is £16.99 pm with 1GB data, 250 mins … Read more
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Well I think this is a fab deal. Was about to pay the same for the iPhone 6 refurbished..which I thought was a good deal. Thanks op


They’re 30 months of u want to keep the phone which we probably will, hence the cost price being £250.


My daughter doesn’t actually ever talk to her mates. All conversations are done through the power of social media. Good job we have Wi-fi at home and school :D (lol) :D


Although I can’t see a teenage girl limiting her conversation to just 250mins per month :). Could end up costing a LOT more than he bargained for. Why I went with smarty


No but I am reely bad at riting!

iD Mobile 300 Mins + Ultd Texts + 9GB Data Uswitch £10
Found 20th NovFound 20th Nov
£1 less than the previous deal and less minutes.

I have seen the same deal on . and still available. Can't see this deal direct so wonder if it is only available to comparison sites?


Yup still alive


Is this still live? Why is this popping up on the HOT page it's 2 days old


Got there in the end after dozens of attempts.


Can you follow it right through? I can get to the Uswitch page and then it either doesn't load or if I do get through, I get this deal no longer available. If I go to Uswitch without going via HUKD it's not there.

VOXI 1 month sim - unlimited min + texts + 6GB data (unlimited social media data) + £10 amazon gift card
Found 20th NovFound 20th Nov
Found via uSwitch, runs on the vodafone network. 4G. 1 month sim. Endless social data means unlimited use of these social apps without eating your data: Snapchat, Instagram, Wha… Read more
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Haha true lol as was bashing internet YouTube and all, see the real deal now lol


I did think I was doing very well not using much data, but I figured that I just mainly used my data on the social media stuff which was free. Let’s see whether this 6GB will last now!


Crap!!! I just noticed that myself, was using everything and data never went, they cracked on so we will be seeing data drop, we had a good deal till it lasted, people paying over £10 should be refunding as we was having there benefits to be honest....


Been with them for about 5 months and noticed my data wasn’t going down. Just got a text to say I was on unlimited due to some technical update, so I’m back on 6GB now :(


Solid deal on this right now endless streaming 8)

7GB 4G Data - 5000 Minutes & Texts - 30 Days Sim @ Plusnet Mobile (uSwitch Exclusive)
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
EE network UK based customer service One size fits all SIM card SMART CAP (£0 - £30) No tethering charges Roam Like at Home Premium texts Plusnet Mobile DOES NOT support p… Read more
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Nice (y) . You could have probably got them to do unlimited minutes, but most won't use 1000 anyway. I know I certainly don't.


Just called as new customer and got 8GB 1000 Mins Unlimited Texts for £10


Having had in-depth conversation with Plusnet was eventually told the truth so I can confirm that although the same company EE via Plusnett is not as good as EE via BT. He's probably as looking for a new job!


Thats Unbeatable (highfive)


lets see if anyone can beat this deal got a deal for a cousin with plusnet and paying £5 monthly unlimited calls/text 10gb data had it few months now honored due to a mishap on the account Don't phone around wasting your time because it is impossible to get this deal I tried myself for another sim few weeks ago they just wouldnt offer me another

Plusnet - 5GB data, 2500 mins and unlimited texts - £9 uSwitch exclusive
Found 14th NovFound 14th Nov
I've just noticed that deal. It's for 1 month rolling contract sim They have some deals on their website as well but offer 4.5GB for £9.50 if you go direct.

It's OK, but the router they send out is shocking. There seems to be a fault by which the WiFi connection on the router gets steadily slower, necessitating a reboot. Once the speed drops to the point of needing a reboot, it becomes impossible to access the Web server on the router to do a soft reset, so I have to do a hard reset on the physical device. I'd be interested to hear if others have experienced similar issues.


Thinking of switching broaband and mobile to plusnet. Does anyone have comments on the broadband with PlusNet?


With Virgin on monthly rolling, I was on 3GB for £8, I called them and got 6GB for £9.


I went to cancel a 1.5gb for £5 sim with them, so i could take up the sky 3gb for £6 one-and they matched it there and then. However, i wanted to try an o2 sim (as the reception where its used most isnt that good on ee). Told cs that i had 2 other plusnet sims on same 1.5gb deal, and he said i could change both them to 3gb for £6 if i wanted to-no brainer. Thats when he said theyd be doing the black friday deals of similar numbers.


?150 told me it did

Samsung Galaxy S9 w 30GB EE plan - £33pm (24mths) and £25 auto cashback (total £767) @ Affordable Mobiles via uSwitch
Found 14th NovFound 14th Nov
Or £84 cashback by redemption (total cost £708) via Moneysupermarket… Read more

Don't have that will power. lol. Liking the look of the Huawei P20 Pro deal with Carphone warehouse on O2. (Want t stick with O2) But think i will just wait till Black Friday now.


It might be worth holding off for a few months if you can as the price of this S9 will drop like a stone soon.


Suppose that’s fair enough. I’m just looking for an Android phone on roughly the same amount of money and don’t know which one to get. Good camera is imperative!


Expensive for a phone released this year which offers little extra from the previous model.


£470 is expensive for an imported S9 sold by a Marketplace seller. And EE is better than iD Mobile There's 8GB Max plan for £30pm. That's £720 for 24 months

ID MOBILE - Sim Only - Unlimited Minutes & Texts, 10GB  data for only £13.00 month with uSwitch
Found 13th NovFound 13th Nov
Why choose iD Mobile? Roaming at no extra cost in 50 locations All iD Mobile plans let you use your UK monthly data, calls and texts allowances in 50 locations in the EU and be… Read more

This deal has gone hot yet it’s no where to be found


got with plusnet 15 for 15GB and unlimited text and minutes...


I cant find it??


That on a rolling 30 day or 12 month contract. Tried to get a deal out of them but got nowhere. Ended up getting my PAC code and getting this deal.


Shame I cannot get a good Three signal where I am as this would be good for my kids iPad

1GB £3 Monthly / 3GB £6 Monthly - Unlimited Calls & Texts - 12 Months Sim - (£36 OR £72 for 12 Months) @ Sky Mobile (uSwitch Exclusive)
Found 6th NovFound 6th Nov
Existing customer deal - Free line rental for Sky TV customers Link to 1GB 4G Data deal:… Read more
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whats the call limit on sky mobile


so i rang up sky to order this sim only to be told the deal finished yesterday. Advisor said new deal is £6 a month with 2 GB data unlimited calls and texts. Decided not to accept went on chat spoke to an advisor he said he could do me the £3 deal but with 2 GB data so unlimited calls and text plus 2 GB data for £3 a month.. RESULT


Can someone please explain a bit better the data rollover? Apparently the data goes to the sky piggybank and you cant take it out until you have at least 1gb in there? Example 1. you start with 1gb and use 750mb so 250mb goes to piggybank ? 2. Assuming you have 250mb left each month it takes 4 months before you can take anything out? 3. Month 5 i take 1gb plus my 1gb but only use 600 do i get 1.4gb into the piggybank or just 400mb abd losing the data that was taken out Thanks for any clarification


Call them up they may honour you the same offer


Ta. I now see where I went wrong. I only have Sky broadband & talk!

Vodafone SIM only UK( no EU roaming) Unlimited minutes, Unlimited texts, 500 mb data at uSwitch £6pm (12m)
Found 4th NovFound 4th Nov
£ 6.00 pm for people who are low data users & NEED Vodafone only due to reception problems. No EU roaming. ( UK use only) So don't look at this deal if you need EU roaming, mo… Read more
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I don't know why some people can't understand the very first line, yet will still go on & on! & also can't provide a better deal on VODAFONE for low users! This has already helped one person here who had no choice of EE or THREE. All the spoil sports are interested in spoiling for others as it is not beneficial for THEM! Any way, now this deal has expired.


Tiresome How many times can I say something for YOU to comprehend that I can read that line. It doesn't apply for this HotDealsUk site because it isn't a hot deal. Anyone can find YOUR deal because it isn't special. I know you'll come back and say the same thing yet again as you are clearly determined to get the last word in for your so called deal that is very negatively thought of. Good luck with that, I'm done


Hot deals are no good if you don't get reception! If you can't read & understand the very first sentence of the post, then God help you! Deals will keep changing at all times, so that's why people keeping checking this site at all times till they see a deal that is suitable for them. You state that anyone can find the tariff that I posted. If that was the case, then no body would be looking at this website!


Once again, look at the Web site you're posting on. "Hot Deals" Fail Anyone could find the tariff you posted! There's now another Voda deal been posted on this site. Much better!!!!


I don't care about the feedback if they are like you who don't understand this post! If you only have the option of Vodafone only, then this deal would interest you. I clearly stated that the deal is meant for Vodafone users! Once again, find a better deal for low usage on Vodafone!

O2 SIM only 12 months contract £5.00 pm - £60 via uSwitch
Found 4th NovFound 4th Nov
£5.00 pm O2 SIM only. 500 mins, 500 mb data, unlimited texts. Can also be used in EU home to home. Via Good for if this is enough for your usage & need O2 for sign… Read more
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Expired now. This offer is no longer available on uSwitch.


Payg is a better option for people whose usage is low - less than £5.00 per month. O2 & Three have 321 plans 3p per minute voice calls 2p per text 1p per Mbps data If you need more than 150 mins or 500 Mbps data, then you are better off on Plusnet that is if you can get EE reception in your area.


hunsbury0 - can you educate me as to why PAYG seem to be better/more generous than pay monthly sims nowadays? 1GB pay monthly = £13 with o2 on a 12 month contract with no data rollover. However, PAYG on O2 gets you 2GB for £10 and that includes data rollover? What am I missing? Whats the advantage of pay monthly?


All those voting cold, please show us a better deal on O2 network!! Maybe they cannot read the post properly???


I am on Tesco(O2) £5.00, 250 mins, 500mb data, 5000 texts including loyalty bonus. The O2 deal via uSwitch would have given me 500 mins instead of 250 mins that I currently have with Tesco. The other option for low users who need O2 is their payg SIM. 3p per minute voice calls, 2p text, 1 p per mb data. Have to make at least one chargeable activity every 6 months to keep the SIM active. Which is similar to Threes payg 321 but O2 would be my choice as O2 is the best SIM that works in my area.

Iphone XS MAX 256gb any colour on o2, 30GB data £610 upfont £38 over 24months (Term £1552) @ uSwitch /
Found 2nd NovFound 2nd Nov
Currently seems to be a rip off wherever I look. Most networks doing this on a 36 month contract now which is ridiculous. Works out to be well over £2000. I have found this deal on… Read more

Thanks that’s good to know


I have a 3+ year old 6s, had the battery replaced about 6 weeks ago: made it run like a new phone. Hadn’t realised how much it had slowed over the years, but a new battery made everything smoother. I love my 6s, an iPhone that really hit the sweet spot IMO. I am upgrading next year, but this will go on to my Dad, and I know it will just go and go. Christ, my Dad has my old 5 since I upgraded to this, and the only issue so far is the battery, which he had done about a year ago.


This is a very good deal! Only one close for me is Vodafone offering the same phone, 100GB data for £72pm with no upfront. Works out £1728 over term but you get 3 times the amount of data and don't have to stump up the £600.


Booked mine for battery replacement, it’s £25 before December as you said. Hopefully next week my phone will be as good as new


Not at all mate. I got a great deal at the end of the day so I’m happy whether people vote cold or not. Thought it might benefit others looking for this one which I hope does.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 15GB / Untld misn / texts  - £34 pm 24 month contract with O2 £816 via USwitch
Found 22nd OctFound 22nd Oct
£0 unfront via uswitch Unlimited Calls + Texts + 15GB data pm

Possibly...but that doesn't include 15gb data on a 24 month contract. And what if the person don't have anything worth a trade to get a decent amount off. Either way, I don't feel this deal is cold, unless someone can match something like for like or similar, which includes a NEW handset bundled with a sim with equal/similar data for a cheaper price, that would warrant to vote it cold. Just my humble opinion (angel)


The Samsung trade in deal on the Note 9 is worth a look.


Anything better than this?


Oh's gonna get very cold in here

7GB 4G Data - 5000 Minutes & Texts - 30 Days Sim £11 @ Plusnet Mobile (via uSwitch)
Found 21st OctFound 21st Oct
EE network UK based customer service One size fits all SIM card SMART CAP No tethering charges Roam Like at Home

I'm looking for a network with EE coverage as well because 3 isn't always great esp at work although will miss the wuntu freebies, but definitely looking to reduce my spend to around £10. Don't need 100GB that I will never get close to using. Besides I have the same tariff sim in an iPad


It’s a playing game with coverage I don’t get decent o2 signal where I live and I can get a 50% friends and family discount, I find Three internet speeds slow, I’m left with EE and Vodafone. They were in the process of taking a EE mast down but not anymore so sticking with EE


I don’t find my signal to be great on id. I pay £11 for 8gb and the rollover is excellent but I’m considering dropping a gb for this to get EE covetage


I think I'm looking towards 6-10GB with a network that does roll over. You're right, wouldn't survive with less :D


3.5/4gb is that enough for you taking into an earlier post u mentioned you use 10% of your 100gb I know u r now able to put a spend cap but surely you ll leave yourself dry for data??? Just a thought

The Huawai Mate 20 pro, £36 month, £200 upfront with EE , 30gb allowance & unlimited calls = £1,063 via uSwitch
Found 20th OctFound 20th Oct
The total cost over 24 months is £1063. Phone price is an eye watering £900. £200 upfront and £36 monthly is pretty decent especially as it is not with the dire vodaohone/o2. This … Read more
Avatardeleted1132166Get dealGet deal

Want this case :D


Hi, yes got my replacement 2 days ago so far OK but it is LG display again so normally takes a week or so to go wrong we'll my last one did anyway. I read the best people to contact is Huawei support themselves they then replace with a garenteed boe screen rather than the LG seems like there all affected people just don't realise yet. Will update if I have send back again one positive tho I got conformation of the free gifts yesterday being approved.


Did you get your replacement? And if so is the screen better? I got my phone direct from ee. I contacted them Sunday regarding this issue and fp to them they arranged a direct replacement the next day by way of an exchange for a brand new handset but on testing it it has the same issue, even seems to be worse in the new handset (fierce)


Not the worst case scenario. I hope your replacement will be the last and you can finally have a positive user experience


Morning yes went through affordable mobiles apparently 3-5 day turnaround once they receive it. Will update next week