UWISH - The Ashes 3 Disc Box Set - England V Australia (DVD) £3.96 (England actually win something!)

UWISH - The Ashes 3 Disc Box Set - England V Australia (DVD) £3.96 (England actually win something!)

Found 4th Jul 2008
You can actually watch England win (It may be a while longer before you can see England win at any sport, so i think this is good to have in the archives).

Next best price is ChoicesUK @ £7.49. Dont forget 6% Quidco!!!

Description for The Ashes 3 Disc Box Set - England V Australia (DVD):

What an amazing series - the greatest ever! And now you can relive all the very best moments as England triumph over the Australians to regain the Ashes for the first time in more than 16 years.

It took until the final afternoon of the final match in this most extraordinary nail-biting 5 test series before England Captain Michael Vaughan could lift the Ashes aloft.

The Ashes: The Greatest Series is the official 3-disc DVD set that features more than 8 hours of exhilarating highlights from all 5 tests.

All the greatest moments are included from Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff's heroics and Shane Warne's mesmerising bowling to Vaughan's impressive captaincy and Pietersen's flamboyant maiden test century in the tension-filled climax at the Oval.

The DVD set also includes many exclusive special features not seen on the television coverage.

This is a fabulous record of a truly unique sporting series.

Special Features:

Simon Hughes' Unique Ashes Analysis

Five Great Performances with the Bat

Five Great Performances with the Ball

Commentators' Moments of the Summer

Scorecards, Stats and Facts

The Best of the Amazing 4sight Camera

Richie Bernaud's Goodbye - After 42 years here are Richie Bernaud's final few minutes of commentary in England from the final Test Match at The Oval.


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I bought this earlier in the year, for the same price from the HMV sale, and it's fantastic value. Easily worth a lot more for any cricket fan. Unless of course, you're Australian.

Utter quality

is this a micktake england win something and look where you buy it from uwish must be a australian run website

This was a brilliant series, what a summer.

Bargain at this price,hot


I look at this picture and I can't stop laughing!!!

Let's hand out OBEs to everyone!!

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Also Rugby World Cup - Official Review 2003 - England, only £2.96 @ Uwish

yer i got this for the memories after we won.. simple but still nice


I look at this picture and I can't stop laughing!!!Let's hand out OBEs to … I look at this picture and I can't stop laughing!!!Let's hand out OBEs to everyone!!

Be fair, it was MBE's not OBE's.

And Paul Collingwood, who played in the last test only and scored a piffling 10 and 7 managed to acquire one! Christ, work for 30 years, 6 days a week, 15 hours a day looking after handicapped people and you don't even get a sh1t sandwich from the Government :x:x:x

His performance as captain the other day hasn't won him any friends either......

England win a series against one team and they are awarded MBEs, yet Australia continually dominate and are awarded nothing.

£3.96 - thats 22p per month England managed to keep the Ashes. Sounds about right

Mind you, could make a nice heirloom as it could be a few generations before they get to make a similar DVD. Probably won't even be using DVDs by then.

Sorry. Couldn't resist :oops:

Great memento of a great series, voted hot


(scots/welsh/irish seem to LOVE english saying that)

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