V ARRR (VR - HTC Vive) 80% off £1.39 @ Steam

V ARRR (VR - HTC Vive) 80% off £1.39 @ Steam

Found 24th Apr 2017
Mostly Positive (72% of 48 reviews)

Defend your ship and fight pirates in Virtual Reality with the HTC VIVE!

In V ARRR you try to hunt down the biggest ship of all. On this dangerous journey you need to defend your ship, each time you set sail it gets harder to defend. Build a defense with objects around your ship and try to hold back the pirates that try to capture your ship. Pirates will shoot, swing ropes from one ship to yours and are not forgiving at all.

Your sole purpose in this game is to defend your ship, shoot guns and beat difficult fights. Your Ship sails for you. (You can't sail your ship or free roam).

To complete every travel sequence and win the final fight can be seen as a very hard challenge. V ARRR is a difficult and rewarding game, Beating this game asks training and skill.

When you actually beat the game, you are allowed to participate in the 100 pirate war. This mode saves your best score and can be played to compete with friends taking turns who gets the highest pirate kill count. And with maximum effort you can actually win the 100 pirate war. The hardest challenge of all.

Upgrade skills and weapons to get a edge in combat, and unlock rare upgrades by fishing up rare chests.
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Thanks, OP.
Saw this when it was released but reviewers said it was a bit pricey for what it is, but now it's a great price, thanks OP!
Hadn't actually heard of this one but the reviews look good enough and it deserves the £1.39 just for the incredibly bad pun doubling as a title.
Game title gag alone is worth a couple of quid. Thanks OP!
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