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30 day payg sim - 250 mins / unlimited text / 9gb data - vodafone £10 @ Vodafone Shop
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Posted 10th Dec 2019Posted 10th Dec 2019
30 day payg sim - 250 mins / unlimited text / 9gb data - vodafone £10 @ Vodafone Shop£10
Nice deal with Vodafone atm. 250 mins unlimited text 9gb data 30 day package . Unused allowance rolls over. £10 each period

You can't go over your bundle once you buy the package for £10 it's a fixed amount. Once you use your minutes or data up, you can't use that part of it. Until the next 30 day window. You can add more money if you wanted, BUT you would be paying the full charge per call.


If you decide to go with this payg be careful using all your plan. If your bundle ends and you don't renew, or if you cancel your bundle early, you'll be charged Pay as you go 1 rates Is any cap you can add for this?


Then sell it to CEX for £18. The point is you can get the same PAYG sim cheaper using this method


Reviews say it all lol. I’d rather use 2 plastic cups with some string :{


Just go via topcashback to carphone warehouse and select u3 - it should then show vodafone payg free with £10 top up

£30 for 70gb data PAYG SIM Only
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Posted 20th Mar 2019Posted 20th Mar 2019
£30 for 70gb data PAYG SIM Only£30
I think this is a good deal?!? Was looking for a PAYG deal with good data for using in the car when we go on holiday - this looks pretty good! I didn’t want a contract as will be … Read more

Probably worth noting that the data lasts 30 days. Otherwise three offer less data for more money but it lasts up to 24 months I beleive.


Smarty does unlimited for £25 on pay and go if three work well in you're area.

FREE Vodafone Pay as you go SIM - £10pm with 4GB data (+£10 cash from Quidco.  Plus 2 x Odeon tickets for £7 any day of the week)
Posted 29th Jan 2019Posted 29th Jan 2019
FREE Vodafone Pay as you go SIM - £10pm with 4GB data (+£10 cash from Quidco. Plus 2 x Odeon tickets for £7 any day of the week)£10
Until 4th Feb Vodafone are offering an extra 2GB of data on their £10, £20 and £30 big value bundles. Meaning you get 4GB on their £10 bundle. They are also offering £10 cashback o… Read more
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Can’t find on Quidco What’s 4G speed compared to EE


It has never worked for me. I'm also on a pay monthly contract. Vodafone support is no help.


I have been in touch. They just say wait for an update to fix it.


Since November, £10 BVB. The thing to watch with this offer is it is once only so the following months you don’t get the 2GB extra free. My next bundle will be the 6PACK which gives 8GB for effectively £10pm. The very me offers I find much better than o2 priority.


How long have you had it though?

15GB 90day Prepay mobile broadband sim from Vodafone for £25
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Posted 16th Nov 2018Posted 16th Nov 2018
15GB 90day Prepay mobile broadband sim from Vodafone for £25£25
90day bundle allowance for Prepay mobile broadband from Vodafone. £25-15GB £20-5GB £10-1GB On the link select Mobile Broadband to switch away from the Big Value Bundles to select… Read more
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Update: Sunday 18/11/18 08:28 Just re-tried using the original "Mobile Broadband" option, and chose the £25 payment ....... this time it worked. So it would appear the problem has been fixed. Order confirmation after payment by Credit Card shown on screen, hopefully I'll get an email confirmation too. Yep, that just arrived. Once this expires, will I be able to renew the 15Gb for 90 days at £25 ? Or would it be better to order a new SIM with the data pre-loaded, just before this one expires ? I'm thinking this could make for a good low-cost alternative for telephone-line broadband, for light use (email and browsing, minimal streaming of videos). Sadly, the only mobile signal in the village is Vodafone, so can't use offers for data with other carriers.


Order the free version that comes with no bundle purchase. Then when it arrives buy your £25 Bundle


Free option is working, can then topup once you have the sim to get the £25 bundle


same here sent message to support but no reply as yet, going to go for the Lyca mobile sim closer to the time needed due to 30 day only.


Tried to purchase - repeated failure - anyone know a way round to make it work ?

Vodafone payg 3x data on Big value bundles £10 and above
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Posted 20th Aug 2018Posted 20th Aug 2018
Vodafone payg 3x data on Big value bundles £10 and above£10
New and existing payg customers. Existing customers txt SUMMER to 49500. Offer on till 3rd October. Available on big value bundles over £10

I got a Vodafone payg sim for a friend and got the pac code the next day to transfer his number out for him to go back to EE as he got a new phone and EE wouldn’t match the deal he seen on uswitch (he didn’t understand the process ) anyway when I called them today they said he had been with them a long time lol (less than 24 hours ) and could he be tempted to stay , I said no I’d like the pac code please and just before she issued it she said I could have the 6GB PAYG big value bundle for £5 a month I hope this helps people out


The extra 4gb of data is only till the 3rd of October.


I was wondering this too. Can't find any info on the site. Really good deals if it is.


I think is a great deal to he honest


Is this deal forever until you stopped it? Thank you

Vodafone PAYG 56GB (1000mins) £20, 80GB (3000m) £30 both Unlimited texts
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Posted 21st May 2018Posted 21st May 2018
Vodafone PAYG 56GB (1000mins) £20, 80GB (3000m) £30 both Unlimited texts
Terms https://v3.lolagrove.com/LeadPages/Vodafone.109/Vodafone%20Data%20Offer_Terms%20and%20Condtions%2050GB%20only.pdf includes EU assume bonus 50GB too! (y) https://support… Read more
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Believe you have to activate straight away or so the T&C implys


Could you buy this now and activate it later in the year (and still get the extra 50GB)?


Especially when Vodafone Passes are capped at 5GB roaming, 80GB going to go along way streaming when Turk TV bums you out lol https://support.vodafone.co.uk/Vodafone-products-and-services/Vodafone-Passes/Managing-your-Pass/1060513372/Can-I-use-Vodafone-Passes-when-roaming.htm Payg EU map (includes Turkey^ :)) https://www.vodafone.co.uk/cs/groups/public/documents/webcontent/vfcon081336.pdf


Lol you want 50GB free every month ? Not a network alive does that on payg


Exactly. Go Binge/Voda Passes use doesn’t cover every use abroad, £30 for 80GB, 3000 mins calling & unlimited EU texts to ANY EU country when roaming is superb - you can’t get that on a 24m contract to use in the EU for £30

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Claim 2 free Odeon or Vue Cinema Tickets when purchasing eligible Pay as you go bundle with Vodafone
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Posted 5th Dec 2017Posted 5th Dec 2017
Claim 2 free Odeon or Vue Cinema Tickets when purchasing eligible Pay as you go bundle with Vodafone
Order a New Pay as You Go Sim through Vodafone and Purchase a £20 or £30 big value bundle and you can claim 2 free Odeon or Vue cinema tickets
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It's very kind of you but no thanks.


2 Free tickets for Star Wars??


More than £10 each for ticket in some places. This is a bargain IMO. Finally some decent perks on Vodafone. EE doing the most garbage type perks at the moment.


(:I That's true


You have to loose something to get something!! Aghrrrrrrrrrr Vodafone

Free Vodafone Sims
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Posted 6th Dec 2016Posted 6th Dec 2016
Free Vodafone Sims
Vodafone are giving away FREE SIM cards.You can get up to 2 free SIM cards delivered straight to your house. Just fill in their short form and then click on the "Send me my free S… Read more

no good around here for calls


Wouldn't have one even if they paid me. X)


Near enough every network give out free SIM cards.

Students only- Free NUS Extra with topped up Vodafone Free sim - £10
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Posted 12th Sep 2016Posted 12th Sep 2016
Students only- Free NUS Extra with topped up Vodafone Free sim - £10£10
Order a Free Pay As You Go Sim from Vodafone with a £10 topup and they are giving back a Free NUS Extra membership for Students. That represents a £2 saving over just buying you … Read more
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What details do NUS ask for? My mate finished Uni just a few weeks ago but isn't sure she can still get it or not.


Can you clarify what you mean here? How did you get the £1.50 delivery refunded? How are you transferring £10 to your bank account? Is that a refund for the £10 vodafone top-up?


Well hopefully it comes as my current NUD Extra card runs out on 14th X)


This offer still works..ordered a sim 2 days ago and got the sim today, also got the email for the nus card code yesterday


i ordered the £10 vodafone credit, am i going to receive the code for NUS card on my email and when would that be? thanks.

15GB with 90 Days usage Pay As You Go Data bundle £25 vodafone
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Posted 6th Sep 2016Posted 6th Sep 2016
15GB with 90 Days usage Pay As You Go Data bundle £25 vodafone£25
Vodafone have increased pay as you go mobile data allowances and you now get the allowance for 90days rather than 30. Sim is advertised as for iPad, but I don't see why it would n… Read more
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Looks like the best offer around so not sure why the cold votes.


Good price/deal. A shame Vodafone is poor where i am


Seems pretty decent. The lower cost ones are awful especially the laughable 250mb for 90 days one, but this seems better than most data offers.

Vodafone Pay As You Go Big Value Bundle Data increases - 4GB / 500 mins / unlim txts £20
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Posted 27th Jun 2016Posted 27th Jun 2016
Vodafone Pay As You Go Big Value Bundle Data increases - 4GB / 500 mins / unlim txts £20£20
Increased Data allowance on a Vodafone Big Value Bundle. £20 up from 2GB to 4GB £30 now 12GB Both with unlimited texts 500mins on £20 unlimited mins on £30 The £30 one also come… Read more
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£30 deal is worth it if you cant get a 30 day sim, £1 a day for 12GB and unlimited's




To be honest, I'm not sure how anyone could vote hot on this deal. £10 per month on a rolling contract with a load of providers can get you more minutes, the same amount of texts and equivalent amount of data. It's not even like there's limited choice as a quick look for deals at prices lower than this deal there are options with iD Life mobile Talk mobile The peoples operator Asda mobile GiffGaff Lyca Virgin Three EE While I'm aware this is a PAYG deal, if you can't manage to get approved for a £10, 1 month rolling contract then I'd really want to question why you need a smartphone and this much data because the priorities are seriously wrong.

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Posted 24th Apr 2016Posted 24th Apr 2016
Get a £10 bundle, absolutely free Order your free SIM before they’re all gone Hurry! Limited number available
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is there anyone in northern irelind can order one for me and post it to me ? i have a xbox one i can post back to you in exchange


it is not free. Or is it all gone?? I have to pay when ordering the bundle ?


If there is no credit on sim contact live chat to activate https://server.lon.liveperson.net/hc/90571995/?cmd=file&file=preChatSurveyContent&site=90571995&sessionkey=H5964835211741904553-2538820469376534427K1590473&survey=Pre-Chat


Maybe its a bundle that you need to activate?


In the bin it goes

Vodafone, Get More from Free Sim - 150 minutes , 500 mb data , unlimited texts £10 @ Vodaphone
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Posted 21st Mar 2016Posted 21st Mar 2016
Vodafone, Get More from Free Sim - 150 minutes , 500 mb data , unlimited texts £10 @ Vodaphone£10
get 50GB free Data Allowance. £6.30 TCB cashback - cjhilton49
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Hi Wow £8.40. We are with Vodafone at he moment (at end of 24 month iPhone 5 contract) but were thinking of downgrading to SIMO and buying a iphone 6 sim free from John Lewis. How would you get SIMO for 8.40? Can you keep existing number, that quite important to us? and what number do you phone if its not a Vodafone mobile. Thanks in advance


GB is not the same as gb...


Voda just offered me £8.40 for 600 min and 3gb.. 12 month contract..


for 30 days only but you can get the deal again on a new sim before it expires.


​pretty sure the 50gb lasts only a month

Free Vodafone £10 Big Value Bundle (+ 50GB data) (northern Ireland)
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Posted 8th Feb 2016Posted 8th Feb 2016
Free Vodafone £10 Big Value Bundle (+ 50GB data) (northern Ireland)
Vodafone giveaway - £10 Big Value Bundle + 50GB of data - bag yourself a bargain (Northern Ireland)! Vodafone have a fantastic offer on (if you're from Northern Ireland). They are… Read more

Can take a few days for the free bundle to appear, (free bundle, not credit) turn phone off / on and ring 2345


I am from ni didnt receive credit.. anyone able to help


The wrong order page was uploaded initially so you may have to re-order again using the correct page for NI residents


Does not show up as balance, but as a £10 bundle when you call 1345, a few hours after activating. Will only work with sims ordered via the free £10 offer page.


I have tried to check balance, no joy of this bundle

Vodafone FreeSIM - 50gb of free data and a festive gift! (Min £10 top up)
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Posted 10th Dec 2015Posted 10th Dec 2015
Vodafone FreeSIM - 50gb of free data and a festive gift! (Min £10 top up)£10
Buy a big value bundle and get your free gift now! From cinema tickets to discounted city breaks, there are plenty of gifts to choose from. Don't miss out, time limited! https://… Read more

Why avoid Vodafone? seems a good offer. They have the best UK coverage if I remember correctly. not sure about their 4G though. EE is offer is good too and it's 4G.




thanks is that order by date ,or top up was trying to find out but didnt see in the t and c


6 quid TCB, made for a total bargain sim for a two week visitor arriving.


Vodafone deal finishes end of the month

Free 50GB data on PAYG - Voda BIG value bundles - from £10, £20 with £10 voucher or £30 +voucher and 100 mins and texts, 500MB in Europe for the festive holidays
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Posted 28th Nov 2015Posted 28th Nov 2015
Free 50GB data on PAYG - Voda BIG value bundles - from £10, £20 with £10 voucher or £30 +voucher and 100 mins and texts, 500MB in Europe for the festive holidays£10
50GB free on all bundles as below... 150 mins, unlimited texts, 500MB £10 250 mins, unlimited texts, 1GB £15 500 mins, unlimited texts, 2GB £20 with free £10 gift voucher Unlim… Read more
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No idea why this is cold, it seems red hot to me. Need data until I can get with proper ISP and this is far better than Asda deal (12GB for £5) and only half as good EE deal (£10 for 100GB), but still amazing. Thanks OP, you must be scratching your head. I once posted hundreds upon hundreds of 2p Tune Hotels rooms, went mental on MSE, stayed in great hotels all over London. Didn't even get hot on here. ;) So now I can top up this SIM with £10 and have 50.5 GB which will last me, cheers OP.


Also if a company screws people over, doing the same back in taking their loss leading offers with no intention of staying should be done, not avoided! :)


Just watched it online, you are correct, anyway this is payg deal not contract.


Didn't miss much - I am a watchdog fan, but it was one of their non-stories - offer: pay £3/day and use UK allowances. Result: let child use it without checking consumption and get a big bill. Careless parents blaming others for their mistakes. Only actual Vodafone fault - an MMS charged as roaming half an hour after landing in UK - that was probably a timing issue.


oh must have missed this...

Free gift voucher with vodafone Black Friday freesim topup
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Posted 27th Nov 2015Posted 27th Nov 2015
Free gift voucher with vodafone Black Friday freesim topup£20
When you order a pay as you go SIM card from vodafone with £20 topup they are giving you 50Gb of extra data and a £10 gift voucher For your £20 you get 500mins Unlimited texts 52… Read more
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Doesn't say anything in the Ts&Cs regarding this!.. So, we can only assume that this is only for 1 ( first ) month...


The extra 50GB is good for a month I take it?


full voucher set https://freesim.vodafone.co.uk/black-friday/ John Lewis Amazon Argos ASK Italian Cineworld Curry's Debenham Facebook house of fraser new look m&s pizza express Starbucks tk max zizzi


Its £10 amazon/argos/m&s giftcard though you have to use topup on £20 bundle

PAYG SIM with 50GB 4G Data, 150 Mins & Unlim Text £10 @ Vodafone
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Posted 19th Nov 2015Posted 19th Nov 2015
PAYG SIM with 50GB 4G Data, 150 Mins & Unlim Text £10 @ Vodafone£10
Get a festive free 50GB UK data when you buy your first Big Value Bundle this Christmas. Offer ends 21st December 2015. Not quite as good as EE but good nevertheless, make sure to… Read more



​looking at the t&c's you'll need to opt out of the £20 before the end of the month and then purchase at £10


I could not agree more. Glad I am not the only one noticing that. It has a scientific explanation, Vodafone is using a lower 4g frequency which does travel better through walls.


Done the last deal and was fantastic where i lived i got 20MB/sec but when it was full bars it was 50MB/sec not bad for mobile broadband was useful for when moving house. Just binned the sim as i gather this is new customers only. Just got the ASDA as it was £5 and you still have the credit afterwards don't need 4g for an ipad i have wifi and just need that for the train


Well actually, you get the Data Pack by default which gives you 50 minutes, 50 texts and an extra 1GB of data but you can get 250 minutes / unlimited texts or 150 minutes / unlimited texts / 500MB of data if you use the £10 top up on another pack instead. So you can get the same as the Vodafone deal + 100GB of data if you want.

free vodaphone pay as you go sim freedom
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Posted 28th Mar 2015Posted 28th Mar 2015
free vodaphone pay as you go sim freedom
Freedom Freebee Unlimited UK texts, 150 UK minutes and 500MB of UK data for £10

This is a rather silly post. It's a bit like posting 'Free Search Engine called Google'.


Wow delight have better offers than giffgaff, are they any good ?


Whoop whoop that's really good ..


You can get free sim from any network provider.


The SIM is free and delivered to you free as I said......I didn't say free credit you just get a free SIM.

Free Vodafone Freedom Freebee SIMs
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Posted 21st May 2014Posted 21st May 2014
Free Vodafone Freedom Freebee SIMs
You can get this great sim card for free. Always good to have a few of these around incase you need them. Order your first Freedom Freebee SIM and get unlimited UK texts, 150 UK mi… Read more
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some people do use Tesco carrier bags as tree ornaments too... they fill it with something and then swing it up into the trees. :(


perhaps you should list that on freebies ? lol lol


Not in Wales and Ireland they're not. 5p or 10p for bag for life :p


...and Tesco are giving out free carrier bags


so if you don't use it then it's free but if you do then it costs. sounds like it's not free then unless you use it as an ornament or a very small doorstop ? ;)