V-Tech Pink Baby Walker £14.39 at Amazon

V-Tech Pink Baby Walker £14.39 at Amazon

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V-Tech First Steps pink baby walker.


An excellent price for a toy that is surely a must have for any young child's development (in the right colour of course!)...

That's an amazing price.... I wanted that last year for my daughter but she's too old for it now... gutted.

available in a more (boy) friendly colour but at £19 or so at amazon.co.uk/VTe…g_b

a great price,i am sure this will be flying off the shelves. my daugter loved hers and i have already brought one for baby due in april

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I;ve expired it because it's back up to £19.11. Still not a bad price though.

Great Toy, still being used 12 months on by our little one and is tough, takes the damage an 18 month old can give.

thanks - will have a look - heat added

These are great, my son loves his (in the boys colours obviously)

Got a red & yellow one for £15 at Debenhams. Not sure if still that price though.

Daughter has got one for xmas. Amazing price! Looks fantastic. Still good price at £19.
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