VA: Wideboys - Ministry Of Sound Presents: Garage Classics: 3cd - PRE ORDER £9.99 @ HMV  + FREE Delivery

VA: Wideboys - Ministry Of Sound Presents: Garage Classics: 3cd - PRE ORDER £9.99 @ HMV + FREE Delivery

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Found 23rd Mar 2008
VA: Wideboys - Ministry Of Sound Presents: Garage Classics: 3cd

Release date: 31-3-2008
Availability: pre-order now
Number of Discs: 3
List Price £18.99 Your saving £9.00
Catalogue Number: MOSCD161

With the return of Garage to the streets, clubs and airwaves of the UK in the form of Bassline, comes the resurgence of some of the most well loved tracks and artists from the 90s and early 00s, when Garage was on first wave of domination!

Reading like a who's who of UK Garage, Garage Classics is a sure fire hit with the original Garage aficionados and the new breed of Bassline devotees eager to learn the classics that their inspired todays anthems...

Stretching 3 CDs covering the major epochs of the genre:

CD1 covering Old Skool 2 Step- featuring Artful Dodger & Craig David 'Rewind', Pied Piper's 'Do You Like It', DJ Luck & MC Neat 'Do You Really Like It', Sweet Female Attitude 'Flowers', and Azzido Da Bass Dooms Night'...

CD2 covering New Skool- featuring H20's Massive No 2 record 'What's It Gonna Be', DJ Q & MC Bonez- You Wot', and Benga & Coki 'Night'...

CD3 covering Old Skool 4X4 & Classic Bassline featuring Robin S 'You Got The Love', Kristine Blond 'Love Shy', Sandy B 'Make The World Go Round', Duke 'So In Love With You', Nightcrawlers 'Push The Feeling On' and Stonebridge 'Put Em High'.

All mixed and compiled by Bassline's current top DJs The Wideboys who have already enjoyed major commercial success from last years Maximum Bass, and underground acclaim from 10 years of DJing on the scene...

The ultimate collection of the very finest Garage and New Bassline anthems ever compiled- this is Garage Classics!

disc 1
01. Old Skool [intro] - Wideboys
02. Re Rewind (The Crowd Say Bo Selecta) - Artful Dodger & Craig David
03. Straight From The Heart - Doolally
04. All I Do [Bump & Flex club mix] - Cleptomaniacs & Bryan Chambers
05. Sambuca - Wideboys & Dennis G
06. It's A London Thing - Scott Garcia & MC Styles
07. Whoomp... There It Is - BM Dubs & Mr. Rumble/Brasstooth/Kee
08. Spirit Of The Sun [Bump & Flex mix] - Lenny Fontana
09. Flowers [Sunship edit] - Sweet Female Attitude
10. R U Sleeping [Bump & Flex mix] - Indo
11. Pick It Up - DND & Easy Rider
12. Do You Really Like It [full length original version] - DJ Pied Piper & The Masters Of Ceremonies
13. My Love - 10 Below & Kele Le Roc
14. Never Gonna Let You Go [Kelly G bump-n-go vocal edit] - Tina Moore
15. Heartache - Wideboys & Rusty
16. Sweet Like Chocolate - Shanks & Bigfoot
17. Try Me Out (Let Me Lick It) - Sunship & Anita Kelsey
18. Moving Too Fast - Artful Dodger & Romina Johnson
19. Theme - Dreem Teem
20. Little Bit Of Luck - DJ Luck & MC Neat
21. Dooms Night [Timo Maas mix] - Azzido Da Bass
22. We Can Do This - Jaimeson
23. 138 Trek - DJ Zinc
24. Heartless Theme [Superglue riddim] - Heartless Crew
25. You're Mine - Guy S'Mone

disc 2
01. Intro 3 [dubplate mix] - Wideboys
02. I Refuse (What You Want) - Somore
03. Energy - Astrotrax
04. Push The Feeling On - Nightcrawlers
05. U Got The Love [Lisa Marie Experience mix] - T2 & Robin S
06. Westside - Wideboys
07. To Be In Love [MJ Cole vocal mix] - Masters At Work & India
08. God Made Me Phunky - Mike Dunn & MD X-Press
09. Waiting - Scott Garcia
10. Experience [classic garage mix] - Tuff Jam Experience
11. Spend The Night [New Horizons mix] - Danny J. Lewis
12. Saved My Life [Joey Musaphia mix] - Todd Edwards
13. Style - Ramsey & Fen
14. Destination Weekend - Norris Da Boss & Wideboys/Rose
15. RIP Groove - Double 99
16. Secrets - Shaolin Master
17. Oi Oi - Charlie Sezz & MC Kofi B
18. I Think You Like It [speed garage mix] - Wideboys & Erol Reid
19. Put 'Em High [Danny Bond mix] - Stonebridge & Therese
20. Loveshy [SBS 10 years on mix] - Kristine Blond
21. Take Me In [Dr. Venom mix] - Dezz Jones & Sarah Blake
22. Fantasy Girl - DJ Lapell & QD
23. Plastic Dreams [Wideboys bassline mix] - Jaydee
24. Heartbroken [bonus track] - DJ Arnie

disc 3
01. Dubplate Intro 9 - Wideboys
02. What's It Gonna Be [Agent X club re-rub] - H Two O & Platnum
03. Night - Benga & Coki
04. Look Shook - Qualifide
05. Some Kinda Rush [Paleface mix] - Booty Luv
06. What You're Thinking [Maximum Bass mix] - Wideboys & Sarah Saville
07. Missing You (Sorry) [part 2/Big Ang mix] - Denzee & Danielle
08. Zookey (Lift Your Leg Up) [Delinquent mix] - Yves Larock & Roland Richards
09. Lose Control - Dexplicit & Nana
10. Watford Gap - Matlok
11. Dang - Atari Era
12. Sweatbox [44 mix] - DJ Veteran & Denzee
13. Never Leave Me Alone [Robbie T bassline mix] - Control-S & Scott Maurice/MC Majestic
14. Waiting 4 [Davey Boy & Nicky G mix] - Peter Gelderblom
15. Take It Slow [dubwise mix] - Soul'd Out Project
16. Perfect Girl [Dub Militia mix] - Agent X & Ultra/Tinie Tempah
17. Let Me Think About It [Big Ang mix] - Ida Corr & Fedde Le Grand
18. They Call It Bassline - Wynn & Smith/YGM
19. Losing Me [Jamie Duggan 44 mix] - Rachel M
20. Niche Crew [dutty mix] - Lady Ragga Fire & The Wideboys/MC JLC
21. Joy [Mystic Matt 2008 dubplate mix] - TJ Cases
22. So In Love With You [Wideboys bassline mix] - Duke
23. You Wot - DJ Q & MC Bonez
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I forgot to include the next best prices I found was
£13.99 @ Zavvi
£11.99 @ Play
£11.49 @ 4CheapCDs

I also saw this on e-Bay for over £15.00 that is daylight robbery, so for £9.99 delivered I considered this as a bargain and snapped one up quick.
A lot of cold for something that's cheaper than anywhere else!
HOT! wudda thought theres **** loads of garage fans in here! if only to store half the **** we buy through deals on this site :P
How can there be a resurgence when garage was always dead. God awful music.
r simsini;1764916

How can there be a resurgence when garage was always dead. God awful … How can there be a resurgence when garage was always dead. God awful music.

Perhaps because there's been a garage song in the Top 3 of the singles chart for the past month? Compilations like this always spring up on the back of a big hit single which is outside of a usually popular genre. :thumbsup:
I'm glad you agree with me, seems there is a lot of people who are abusing there right to vote. Some people think Urrggh, I dont like Garage so I am going to vote cold, a complete abuse of their voting powers. It's the people that think like really ruin a good deal just because they dont like the music or think not my cup of tea. SHAME on them. I don't think people realise that your supposed to vote on the PRICE of the product that is the whole Bl**dy point after all, right?
Craig David all over your *BOINK!*

Craig David all over your *BOINK!*

Haha classic stuff. Voted hot for nostalgia factor.
r simsini;1764916

How can there be a resurgence when garage was always dead. God awful … How can there be a resurgence when garage was always dead. God awful music.

T2 - Heartbroken
H20 - What's It Gonna Be
Delinquent Ft KCat - My Destiney
Wideboys have Bassline Garage remixes on loads of new tracks from Snoop Dogg, Solja Boy loads more
Artful Dodger are even coming back I heard

Afew more in the charts aswell! Labels are signing new Garage artitsts all over the place for the summer! Garage 4x4 Bassline takeover this year! CD3 is BiG
I didn't vote either way but did fear this would get cold votes. Music posts are a dangerous business on HUKD
hot from me

I keep telling people garage is back but they wont believe me. It'll probably only last a year or two like last time however

Good price for a 3cd compo
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