Vacuum-Sealed Storage Bag £1 @ PoundLand

Vacuum-Sealed Storage Bag £1 @ PoundLand

LocalFound 31st Jan 2009
My partner has been after buying some of these for ages. Seen them on QVC and other shopping channels for a set of ten at £29+postage and packaging. He came back today with exactly the same items advertised for a £1 each (similar to picture)

Brilliant for towels and bedding
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Excellent, could do with some of these.
Which poundland was it in? - hopefully they have some in my store.
Bolton town centre
I got those a while back and they did the trick, a kingsize duvet down to a fraction of their size all for a quid........voted hot
ooh good, need a few of these. Heat added
Yeah i'll get some of these! Heat + rep added. :thumbsup:
My lovely mother in law bought me them for xmas(very thoughtful)

My lovely mother in law bought me them for xmas(very thoughtful)

Made me laugh!
Voted hot i was after some of these for using in my car when im going on holidays and luckly im only 15mins from bolton so i might pick some up tomorrow
i remeber buying these 2-3 years ago from poundland.made a fortune on ebay :roll:
what was the size of them?
60cm x 80cm
Bought some of the qvc ones years ago and they never seemed to stay flat, may have changed design now, but think it was flawed when I got mine. Might look into these ones, at least for £1 it's not so bad.
Get the costco ones!
Great deal, voted hot
prefer home bargain one, 2 for 1.99 better seal - I buy from both as different sizes

My lovely mother in law bought me them for xmas(very thoughtful)

what a very considerate mother in law you have,i wouldnt have minded if my MIL got me them at xmas,in fact,i wouldnt have minded if she got me anything at all :oops:
They have these in the Newcastle under lyme store.
Bought these a couple of months ago. They split very easily & the seal isn't very good. After a few days, they had expanded back to full size which was annoying as I had packed all my summer clothes in them & I couldn't open the drawer I had put them in:oops: Beware, these are not of the same quality as the more expensive branded ones.
how much are the costco ones then?
These bags are great...gone mine off Ebay for much the same price though.
Damn it!

I just paid £15 for a few of these from JML!

I got some a few years ago from QVC, I thought they were great when I first used them but after a while they become brittle and leak. Everything you put in them expands back to normal size!
Will give them a go for this price but I'm not expecting to be able to use them more than once. I got some JML ones from Tesco a while back for £15 and they say on the box they can be used 50 times and are the best i've bought and I've tried many brands! Buy cheap buy twice?!
Good price, although the one I got a few weeks back starts taking in air a soon as the hoover's off, pillows go back to their original size in about 5 minutes :-(
The Poundland and 99p Store near me (Reading and Bracknell) have both recently changed their brand of vaccum bags, they used to be in a pinky box measuring 60x80 and they were absolutely awful, but they are now in a beige/orange box which helpfully doesn't say the size but they are about double the size of the old brand and hold the seal very well. I'd recommend the beige box ones but don't bother with the pink box ones.
BTW, picked up a 2 pack of 'Jumbo' vaccum bags from Morrisons for £3.94 which were exactly the same as the new Poundstore ones.
I have had the "expensive" version of these - still flat as pancakes under my bed......then, last week, I bought one of these for a new duvet that needed shrinking. struggled to get it in, vacuumed the air out....then sat and listened to the high pitched whine as it slowly expanded back to normal size!

Good for burning off calories as you try to get a king sized duvet in it and I suppose it is now sealed against moths etc but , flat, no...
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