Vacuum Storage bags - Poundland for a Quid.

Vacuum Storage bags - Poundland for a Quid.

Found 15th Dec 2009
Having been invited to Essex for Christmas I was getting concerned about how we were to get three double quilts in a small car. Plan A was to buy new quits and transport them whist they were shrink wrapped. But we found these storage bags that has a valve to enable you to suck out all the air and make the quilts as flat as a pancake.

Hey presto, all quilts and clothes in the back of a Stilo with ease.

God bless Poundland.


What size are these please? Also have you had any problems with them 're-inflating'?

I bought some scented ones, filled one up with blankets etc and shrunk it, jammed it in the airing cupboard and shut the door. No problem as of 3 weeks.

Bargain! Wish I had a poundland nearby though

About to move house, these could be useful

i found these to be rubbish as the seals just come undone and reinflate the bag

I've had 3 of these & 2 have been fine for months, only one has reinflated. Have used them for storing baby clothes and blankets. Well worth a £ imo

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I only intend using them to get to Chelmsford and back, if they last that long then i will be very happy to have spent £2 on them.
I got the biggest bags but they had smaller ones as well.

A bin bag and vacuum cleaner work just as well
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