valentines rose deliverd for £16.40
valentines rose deliverd for £16.40

valentines rose deliverd for £16.40

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just thought id bring this up, how cheap i just got my single red rose arrangment

using the already listed, quidco and 10% code

ordered this to myself from my OH, silly i know, but my local florest was gone giv him 3 roses, in a bunch with other flowers, deliverd for val day being the cheapest thing, for £35. and we dont got alot oh pennys, so i siad id find somthing better, he wrote the card


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why the cold votes?

16.50 for one rose, you were robbed

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what to be delivered on val day, wtih a vase in a nice arrgnemnt??/

well how much i syour florist for a single rose, ours is £22


You are having a laugh!

its all a load of ****, why do you need to watse the money, get you dh to tell you he loves you.
i would slap mine if he spent that on that.

Yup voted cold from me, hardly a bargain.....

sorry i'm with the cold voters, this aint a bargain, this is a rip off,

Sorry, I don't think it's cheap either. For the money you could get a good deal on perfume from Boots at the moment...or a nice bottle of bubbly and box of chocs from Morrisons. And besides, what are you doing ordering it for your OH to give to you - where is the surprise in that then! :?

valentines is a man made pile of **** that is designed to make u spend as much money as possible to avoid feeling guilty when u didnt
i buy my missus a bottle of wine and a bunch of flowers a cpl of weeks after and a cheap card and a cup from poundshop for on the day

that way we can go out do more and spend our money more wisely

its a rip off

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wish id never spoken LOL


what to be delivered on val day, wtih a vase in a nice arrgnemnt?

how many ways can you arrange one rose?

I have to agree, I'm having 12 red roses delivered on the 14th from ValueFlora for ~£23.

lol, worst offer ive seeen, i really hope she appreciates it :P

Could make a killing here (like the florists!) and order a dozen from interflora for £22, then sell them singularly to mugs on their way home from work for £15 each. I calculate that as a profit of £158.:thumbsup:
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