Valiant (DVD) - only £2.87 delivered @ !

Valiant (DVD) - only £2.87 delivered @ !

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A great price for this kiddies film ..

From Disney and the producer of SHREK and SHREK II comes this animated feel-good comedy about a small but heroic British homing pigeon during World War II. Though tiny, Valiant (Ewan McGregor) is gutsy, and he yearns to join the Royal Homing Pigeon Service to serve his country during its time of need, hoping to prove that what he lacks in wingspan he makes up for in spirit. Accepted into training, Valiant faces some ribbing by the other members of RHPS and is placed into Squad F, along with a host of other misfit heroes. However, with troops trapped behind enemy lines and a flurry of attacks by enemy falcons (led by General Von Talon, voiced by Tim Curry), its up to Valiant and his comrades to save the day.

Notably, VALIANT is based on a true story, as more than half of all medals awarded to animal war heroes went to homing pigeons. Children will appreciate this heart-warming tale of brains over brawn, and adult viewers will appreciate the films voice cast, which features a wealth of British stars that also includes Jim Broadbent, John Cleese, and THE OFFICEs Ricky Gervais. Similar to other films that use humour to address the turbulence of war, such as HOPE AND GLORY, TEA WITH MUSSOLINI, and LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, VALIANT provides a classic tale of hope and heroism for all ages.


My kids loved this one :thumbsup:


Good spot, a copy ordered for the boy.

i really hate this film... go pixar instead =) ... lol im assuming pixar didnt actually make this!
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