Valkyria Chronicles PS3 £14.99 instore at Toys R Us

Valkyria Chronicles PS3 £14.99 instore at Toys R Us

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Since this in Toys r Us in Chester today. Took a pic as people didn't believe the deal I posted last night.

Anyhoo, this is meant to be the best RPG on the PS3 and quite rare too I believe. Next cheapest on Find Games is £16.95 at My Memory. I understand that it may be in some stores and not others but there were 3 copies at the store in Chester.


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Reserved for pic.

Ok, couln't figure out how to post a pic here so I've uploaded it to photobucket ]here

Great deal - picked it up at this price from Shrewsbury TRUs in January - fantastic game worth £15 of anyone's money

Can't get the hang of this game despite several attempts..I crouch down tight behind a barrier,miles away from the nearest enemy......enemy's turn comes and he calmly walks from the other side of the battlefield and shoots my character dead from point blank range.U have to guess how far the enemy can move? Frustrating:thinking:

Reminds me of X-Com. The game not only has anime style characters but anime style cell shaded gfx. Very unique. Makes a pleasent change from the usual first person, and third person shooter I mostly play.

Great deal :thumbsup:

I thought the game was ok, not brilliant, but def playable. Good price.

Really is one of the best games on the PS3, or any console for that matter. Also one of the prettiest - it looks kind of like a moving watercolour painting, really is stunning.

U have to guess how far the enemy can move?

Not at all, enemy units can move the same distance as you own units. Was probably just a Scout that got you as they can move a long way. I suggest you stick with it and learn the ropes, after you get to grips with it all it truly is a fantastic game, and a great deal for only £15!

Great game, probably my favourite PS3 game. I really must get some of the DLC I think :thumbsup:

Brilliant price , brilliant game and sadly quite rare .


I suggest you stick with it and learn the ropes

Yes I'll try again cheers.I should like it because I like the Advance Wars/Fire Emblem type games and this has got very good reviews.
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