Valkyrie DVD £5 instore at ASDA

Valkyrie DVD £5 instore at ASDA

Found 21st Sep 2009Made hot 22nd Sep 2009
Not sure if this is nationwide but just picked up Valkyrie on DVD at my local ASDA (Clayton brook, Preston) for £5, which I think is a real bargain. They had quite a few copies, but not as many as they had of Hancock!


Very good price

I got this from Blockbuster the other week; I didn't think it was too bad actually.

It took me a little time to get used to the fact that the 'Germans' had American and English accents (no effort had been made by the actors to even 'try' to put on an accent), but I really enjoyed the film.

Well worth a watch!

Can't wait to see this to find out if they kill Hitler.

Yeah, I enjoyed it too-good price so have some heat.

Great deal I bought this film from Tesco last week for £7 and thought it was a god deal

Brilliant deal, I rented it though for £3

good film

Damn, wish there was a Asda on the IOW
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