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Tailored car mats £14.09 per set delivered @ Valuecarmats
Found 27th Oct 2016Found 27th Oct 2016
Tailored car mats £14.09 per set delivered @ Valuecarmats
Use the code IWANTADEAL to bring the price down by 40%. Good quality custom fitted mats. In my opinion just as good quality as factory mats Current delivery expectation: Speedy (al… Read more

I ordered another set for my mothers Evoque and they arrived in 4 days!


This company is out there buisness. There still taking orders and not delivering goods


Well I bought the cheaper pair from ymmf's comment and they don't fit. Thanks for your input, not. I will stick to valuecarmats in the future. Also the heel pad is just an imprint from an branding Iron on the ebay ones as opposed to a stitched on heel pad in the Valuecarmats deal.


how long do these take to deliver I waited over 7 days is that usual.


I bought some Toyota mats, said express delivery but after a week had to jog memory. When arrive very good quality except the metal rings to hold in place. Tried fitting them but no luck then finally popped out. Have emailed 3 times already but just generic reply that will respond in 2hrs...which they don't. Now contacted credit card to get money back, will keep other mats if they don't reply. Shame really as Mats are good

Cheap car mats back again using code IWANTADEAL eg CRV Auto for £14.09 valuecarmats
Found 5th Sep 2016Found 5th Sep 2016
Cheap car mats back again using code IWANTADEAL eg CRV Auto for £14.09 valuecarmats
Our old favourite is back with 40% off using code IWANTADEAL, I just ordered for my CRV Auto for £14.09

The website was creaking badly so I ended up having to pay via credit card rather than PayPal. Unfortunately I've been sent the wrong mats and emails/calls are going unanswered. Suspect I'll have to try and raise a dispute.


I foolishly didn't use PayPal argh, hate being ripped off


I haven't received mine either and they have not responded to my emails or the case I opened through PayPal, so it has now been escalated. Hoping I receive a refund soon.


Look at my post above. oO Ended up raising a complaint through Paypal.


Still waiting for mine emailed them and rang them still can't get any response anybody else the same

Tailored car mats £11.84 per set delivered @ Valuecarmats
Found 27th Mar 2016Found 27th Mar 2016
Tailored car mats £11.84 per set delivered @ Valuecarmats
I got this deal two years ago for my Focus and they have just worn out. The deal is still on. Use the code IWANTADEAL to bring the price down by 40%. Good quality custom fitted mat… Read more
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Go away troll


Get a grip and a rid of that chip ( on your shoulder )


Sorry I put the wrong word it should have been trademark Stalking me are you? Yes I know! so stop it


Mine arrived in good time. Maybe you got them at the peak of orders which happens when the deal has been featured on here.


Still waiting for this useless company to send my mats. Second email sent with excuses for delaying my order.

Tailored car mats £11.84 per set delivered @ Valuecarmats
Found 17th Dec 2015Found 17th Dec 2015
Tailored car mats £11.84 per set delivered @ Valuecarmats
These are great quality and fit perfect in my experience. Come fitted with locater clips. Add code IWANTADEAL to get at this price. I know this has been posted before but was looki… Read more

Mats in general are hard to argue with, to be fair. :)


Code still works so ordered some more mats thanks!


Very timely deal - these will do until some oem mats turn up cheap on eBay


Mine arrived look good for the price.


Got mine and must say mats are brilliant and even better quality for that money. Pleasantly surprised

Tailored car mats for £11.84 delivered at Valuecarmats
Found 6th Oct 2015Found 6th Oct 2015
Tailored car mats for £11.84 delivered at Valuecarmats
tailored car mats for £11.84 delivered! use code IWANTADEAL for 40% off. I ordered a set of these to replace the ones in car and they fit perfect.
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I ordered some mats from this company on 5th September and paid using PayPal. The mats haven't been delivered and the company are not answering the phone or responding to any emails. I would avoid this company if I were you!


Just ordered some, code still active. The final confirmation page takes an age to finish, just leave it and it will go through. Bargain price!


just ordered some. website said code had expired but still gave the discount!!!!


I bought some last year. wanted one set. website crashed during payment on order 1. waited for an hour to see if I got a confirmation email. none. so I tried ordering again. same thing happened. no email. ordered again. it went through and 1 minute later I got an order confirmation email. received three sets. charged for three sets. tried telling them about the website crash and no email conformation. they weren't interested. had to pay 6 to send the 2 spare sets back.


Mine arrived on Friday and they are a perfectly acceptable quality for the price. From some of the negative feedback on here, I was expecting really thin and poor quality mats. I'm pleased to say this is not the case and the mats I received are three times thicker than the mats I bought a few years ago elsewhere for a similar price (and they weren't fitted).

Value Car Mats - car mats delivered for £11.84 including delivery
Found 19th Jul 2015Found 19th Jul 2015
Value Car Mats - car mats delivered for £11.84 including delivery
cracking deal here if you're after some new car mats. very good quality and if you have more than one set the postage doesn't increase and some more savings to be had. Enter IWANTA… Read more
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code STILL! works. thanks


CODE STILL WORKS! Nice one - thanks OP


yes I also ordered a set for my new van today, can't beat them! cant believe this deal didn't get hotter


Just ordered another set from them for my new car, excellent quality for the money...


bought for Volvo last week. very happy with quality. 3rd one from them. definitely recommend.

Tailor made car mats £11.84 delivered @ valuecarmats
Found 6th May 2015Found 6th May 2015
Tailor made car mats £11.84 delivered @ valuecarmats
Seen this deal on here in February with code IWANTADEAL. It gets heavily discounted after adding code. So tried the code today and it still works.
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Code still works just ordered a set.


Code just worked for me, knocked £8 off price, cost 11.84 for a full set including delivery. Bargain!


My mats came today, they seem good quality to me, and they actually fit the space in the car, and no riding up under the pedals! Think it's a bargain at 11.84!!


IWANTADEAL worked for me today. Got one for my BMW 2007 saloon for just 11.84 including shipping. Even if its thin and works for couple of years, value for money. Hot.. Hot.. Hot..!!8)


Just about to order another set, had them before, not the best but cant complain for the price.

Tailor Made Car Mats From Only £11.84 @ Valuecarmats
Found 17th Feb 2015Found 17th Feb 2015
Tailor Made Car Mats From Only £11.84 @ Valuecarmats
This has been posted a few times, but as needed them now I noticed the last discount deal still works. Just enter code IWANTADEAL to get a heavy discount.

aha- i do have two random "holes" where i assume clips are to come out from....great now i have to buy more stuff.


There was 2 clips that came out from under the drivers seat, sounds like they're missing on yours


"Clip them in" to what!? there is nothing there to clip them to.


They fitted great on the missus 2009 S-Max, just clip them in no problem


got mine yesterday (ford S-Max 2010 model) and they look ok - the oval pegs to secure the mat by the driver seat dont serve any purpose, I dont have any holes there to screw them into! but overall not bad for what you pay for.

Tailored car mats from £11.84 delivered @ value car mats.
Found 12th Nov 2014Found 12th Nov 2014
Tailored car mats from £11.84 delivered @ value car mats.
I realise this has been posted on more than one occasion, but there may still be people that are unaware that the code is still working, so if you're after some new car mats, make … Read more
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Great value. Well worth the money. Just bought another set to replace the current ones.


Ordered. Half the price from elsewhere with this deal. Thanks.


Ordered thanks Heat added


When they arrive, would you mind stripping down to your pants and spreading yourself out over them for a photoshoot ? X)


Site's a bit creaky, but all good. Ordered a Megane set that were great, now getting some for the Wife's car.

Tailored car mats £11.84 delivered @ value car mats
Found 24th Jul 2014Found 24th Jul 2014
Tailored car mats £11.84 delivered @ value car mats
Use code IWANTADEAL to get this price. These are tailored to fit your vehicle with excellent reviews. They have previously appeared on this site and I bought a set, very impressed … Read more
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Super fast delivery .ordered Sat arrived today .want more do you want for 11 quid Inc post


I Probably most ridiculous comment I've heard on hukd.beyond stupid trying to put these in a washing machine


Word of warning - purchased these before and they were great fit. However, missus decided to put them in the washing machine, and something within them completely disintegrated to a powdery latex type substance, which blocked up the washing machine filter completely. Need to unclip the filter from the drum, empty it. Unclip the waste hose, empty it. More own stupidity (and not really reflective of the quality of the mats) but would hope to save someone a wasted Sunday afternoon of washing machine maintenance. As a general comment, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the mats, and have ordered more replacements after our little error.


Yes, because some years ago i paid £30 for a set where the securing holes on the mats were in the wrong position slightly.


Do you honestly believe that car mats costing £11.84 from "value" car mats are going to vary in quality whether they are for a fiat panda or an aston martin? No is the answer

Car Mats from £11.84 delivered! With code @ Value Car mats
Found 25th Mar 2014Found 25th Mar 2014
Car Mats from £11.84 delivered! With code @ Value Car mats
Was looking for some of these mats and thought this was worth a repost after couple of months Do not forget to use code - IWANTADEAL
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not expired using it now


asda seem to have better offers if you can find stock locally for £6.00 for the streetwize mats


Thanks, still no 2014 Mini one's though.



Please can you give me a link?

Tailored car mats - £11.84 delivered using code @ Value Car Mats
Found 6th Mar 2014Found 6th Mar 2014
Tailored car mats - £11.84 delivered using code @ Value Car Mats
Use code IWANTADEAL 40% discount great reviews great price!!
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This deal is back online.


I bought these before Xmas and waited a month for them because the offer was only for friends and family but they honoured it


These are excellent mats and fitted my Fiesta perfectly. Expect about 3 weeks plus delivery.


Looks like they closed early today :-s


why the website offline...........damn it...missed it

Fitted Car Mats from £11 delivered! With code @ Value Car mats
Found 3rd Jan 2014Found 3rd Jan 2014
Fitted Car Mats from £11 delivered! With code @ Value Car mats
Used this company before, so I can vouch for them despite the "not so great" website. Use the code IWANTADEAL for up to 40% off. Just ordered a set for my 645ci and came to £11.7… Read more
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well done


Today I have just re-ordered more car mats using the same code:- IWANTADEAL, and everything worked great as of 3.15pm 5/3/14. Thanks


What they are really saying is that they used cheap rubbish material whilst the offer was on and now they have fulfilled those orders they will use proper material. cant blame them really.....the only say they could make any sort of profit at the sale prices was to ship in dirt cheap material....hence the big delay in sending them out...they were waiting for the dirt cheap material to come.


Nice one - after the get 100000 orders they post a free upgrade ;-)


website is back online and the mats have been upgraded to ribbed carpet while stocks last

Tailored car mats £11.84 delivered @ value car mats
Found 2nd Nov 2013Found 2nd Nov 2013
Tailored car mats £11.84 delivered @ value car mats
Was looking for some of these mats and thought this was worth a repost after 7 months. Credit goes to allsaint23 and krazie2004. Remember to add code IWANTADEAL for this price.

You could ring their office on 01527 525158. They may take a little time to answer the telephone but they were more than helpful when I rang them about a courier issue.


But what a nice delivery bag it was !!! Super shade of blue, perfect for present wrapping.


I never did receive the mats I ordered. Just opened a paypal dispute.


They are direct from the manufacturer with minimal profit, if you want packaging you need to pay retail price in a shop.


did anyone else's mats arrive with no packaging apart from the delivery bag? I got some as a present so it isn't the best presentation to have loose mats

Tailored set of car mats £11.84 delivered @ Valuecarmats
Found 12th Mar 2013Found 12th Mar 2013
Tailored set of car mats £11.84 delivered @ Valuecarmats
Tailored car mats for most cars for £11.84 delivered. Was after a tailored set of car mats, showing on ebay for about £16-£20. Using discount code IWANTADEAL gets 40% off mat p… Read more
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due to your website crashing I now have 3 sets of mats. I only had 1 conformation email 2 dispatched emails 3 payments out of my bank 3 sets of mats. If I don't receive your emails how am I suppose to know. website crashed before it could confirm so I didn't even know of an order number and I didn't sign up to your site so I couldn't view order history. seems you have a problem with your email servers not sending out emails.


still working - ordered several sets now, all arrive within days via UPS


still works


Code works!


Ordered for my WRX beating UK GC8!