Valve Complete Bundle Pack (22 games) inc. Portal 1 & 2 / Left4Dead 1 & 2 & more £9.60 @ Steam

Posted 23rd Jun 2022
Includes portal and portal 2 (amazing games and even better in VR with Vorpx), left4dead and left4dead2, Team Fortress 1&2, half-life 1&2 with other game add-ons, counter strike 1&2, Day of Defeat and Ricochet and more. All for £9.60.
Weeks worth of entertainment. There are lots of VR mods available for these games so if you have a VR head set try them out, if you don't just enjoy some classic, must play games.

Black Mesa and other Valve game bundles are also reduced, but Portal 2 is amazing. Excellent comedy and thought provoking game. Worth every penny.
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