vanish Crystal White 50p @ Sainsbury's (instore)

vanish Crystal White 50p @ Sainsbury's (instore)

Found 21st Oct 2016Made hot 21st Oct 2016
Was passing by Sainsbury's and saw this was 7.50 reduced to 50p absolute bargain.!!!


Town / location OP ?

The vanish - not you

What store is this?

good find op, heat added

ill have a look in my store tomorrow

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Town / location OP ? The vanish - not you

Found it in city centre in Sheffield could be national but not sure to be honest

Boooooooooooooooooooom .Fill yer boots that's a bargain. let's hope it's national

where about is this

anyone confirmed if national

lucky sod. No chance this is national. I need to buy this but will probably have to pay £5 for it.

Cheers for posting the deal.

Wasn't Crystal White replaced with Vanish Gold for Whites? This will be old stock that they are clearing so will likely be limited availability.:{

Not National as nothing available in London Hayes and Southall for that price.

Still full price in Rice Lane, Liverpool store
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