Vanish Gold Oxi Action 1.4kg tub - 50p Sainsbury's

Vanish Gold Oxi Action 1.4kg tub - 50p Sainsbury's

Found 27th Feb 2017
First I know that this may well be a wild goose chase for most, and maybe store specific to just my local in County Durham (Bishop Auckland branch) but:

Vanish Gold Oxi Action 1.4kg (1410g) tub, both in the standard pink tub or the one specifically for white were reduced £12.00 down to 50p.

As per the image it's on a sale sticker and this was located on the end of the aisle near the bakery section bizarrely.

I have no idea of this size tub is being sold off, if a new label design is on its way, or if Sainsbury's have just cocked up, but on the next aisle was the exact same product in the 940ml size tub. This was on 'offer' for £7.00, reduced from £9..

What's shown on the picture was what was left on the shelf. It may help someone! I grabbed two of each which should last a while.

Fill your boots if you can!
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And on the other end of the aisle, the smaller tub:
Great find! Someone said this was at another sainsburys weeks ago n I ran down to my local Sainsbury's as fast as my lil legs could take me.. none congrats on finding some though
Good for you well spotted. Heat.
None there... vanished....;)
Probably clearance to make way for Vanish Platinum; a more expensive version of Vanish Gold. oO
I can confirm that the 940ml tubs are on offer at 50p as of today at my local Sainsbury's , bought 1 white and 1 pink tub
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