Vanish Oxi Action 1410g tub 50p @ Sainsbury's Wrexham

Vanish Oxi Action 1410g tub 50p @ Sainsbury's Wrexham

Found 8th Feb 2017
Vanish Gold oxi action large tub 1410g scanning at 50p in Sainsbury's Wrexham. Usually about £8 I think so this is a steal! Hopefully help someone local! Loads left on shelf at back of store.
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Wow..... Wish I could get in but busy today..... A real bargain!!! Heat added!
Thanks - my local will pop in
Wow! That's possibly the Best Buy I've seen ever! No Sainsbury's anywhere near me crying
This deal will soon vanish

super heat given
It did especially since they were advertising the 50p on the shelf lol
There was no ticket on the shelf this morning, it just said 'Sale' and no price. Took it to the till and it scanned at 50p.
I'm not having a go lol and thanks for posting just would probably have had more chance of them if there hadn t have been a pink 50p sign there.
Well I got my mum to go to her Sainsbury's but they were £4 there
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