vanish oxi powder 1.5kg - £6 instore @ Tesco

vanish oxi powder 1.5kg - £6 instore @ Tesco

Found 17th Jul 2014
Vanish oxi action 1.5kg for 6£ obłuda, half price in Tesco.
That's mine first post so be lenient for me please.

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Poundstretcher - Wizz oxi powder, 1.2kg for £1.79!!

Saw Watchdog Test House TV prog. a few days ago on BBC1. Tested Wizz against Ariel and Vanish Gold both much more expensive, with Vanish the most expensive, on mud and cranberry juice stains on rugby shirts. Wizz came out an average 2nd according to the scientific tests; although the rugby players felt the 'Ariel shirts' looked cleanest. The scientific tester said they all performed well in dealing with these tough stains.
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