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3 Perfect Peonies for £6.99 + £4.95 p&p @ Van Meuwan
Found 6th Oct 2018Found 6th Oct 2018
Peonies are a classic cottage garden plant. They will last a lifetime in the garden, getting bigger and better with age, so are always worth the investment. Make use of the addicti… Read more

Got mine a couple of years ago from Poundland and planted them among some David Austin Roses. This year they grew up to 1.5 meters tall x 1.2 wide. Don't plant them too deep, give them space, free draining soil, a bit of bone meal and you can't go wrong!


Every spring poundland have got a peony root for - you guessed it- £1!!! It's normally Sarah Bernhardt’ but I've seen other varieties in there too.


Ha. I agree I bought a run down cottage and renovated it. Had a lovely pink and white peony in the garden. I divided it and replanted some in my garden but for the life of my I can't get it to flower. The remains that were left scattered in the cottage garden are flourishing. the tenant keeps asking me to get rid of it as it is now a driveway. Too much clay in my garden I think


Postage is the killer, they also supply you with plants that are unlikely to flower next year and as mntioned are very temperamental taking a few years to get going


Peonies are also one of those temperamental plants that will prosper in some places but just turn up their toes a few feet away. You can never tell.

72 bedding plants from Van  Meuwen for £4.99 or 144 bedding plants for £8.97 + £3.95 p&p @ Van Meuwan
Found 23rd Mar 2018Found 23rd Mar 2018
72 bedding plants from Van Meuwen for £4.99 or 144 bedding plants for £8.97 + £3.95 p&p @ Van Meuwan
72 bedding plug plants for £4.99 (7p a plant) or 144 for £8.97 (6p a plant) which is an absolute bargain. Yes they do come as small plugs so do need a bit of nurturing from you be… Read more

Basket screenshot attached

42 bedding plant plugs £5.65 Delivered @ Van Meuwen
Found 19th Feb 2018Found 19th Feb 2018
42 bedding plant plugs £5.65 Delivered @ Van Meuwen
Gardeners world readers offer through vanmeuwen 24x geraniums and 18xpetunias.It is £5.65 for the postage the plants supposedly free.Not a bad deal you have to grow the plugs on th… Read more

You must be doing something wrong,never had any problems.


I let b&q buy them in , water them, grow them ,then i grab them when they sell everything off for peanuts.


How long after you ordered did you get the confirmation email? I ordered first thing this morning and still no email.


These will be hardy plants so end of April will be fine


£5.65 for me code wont seem to work (fierce)

Exchange £5 Tesco clubcard voucher to £15 spend at Van Meuwen Garden plants
Found 12th Feb 2017Found 12th Feb 2017
Exchange £5 Tesco clubcard voucher to £15 spend at Van Meuwen Garden plants
Van Meuwen is giving you the chance to splash out on something fancy for your garden pots or beds with a £15 token code when you exchange just £5 in Clubcard vouchers. Maximum vou… Read more
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Have to disagree, had a few not so good plants, phoned them up new tray of 24 plants sent out for the sake of 4 not so good ones. Everything else I ordered has bloomed lovely. Wouldn't say they where the best company out there but not the worst, Could you elaborate why they are the worst ??


Avoid Don't bother this is the worst company you will ever deal with


My email from Tesco says I can use up to three vouchers per order but the Van Meuwen website only allows one per order. As I have two vouchers that means an extra £3.95 deliver charge which almost negates the enhanced boost offer. Bit of a con I think. I've asked Tesco to cancel the Van Meuwen vouchers and return my clubcard ones and I'll buy my plants somewhere else


If it's like before, can only be used on full price goods


My topcashback tracked @ 11%

Van Meuwen free p&p weekend plus £5 voucher off next order.
Found 11th Feb 2017Found 11th Feb 2017
Van Meuwen free p&p weekend plus £5 voucher off next order.
Van geuwen doing free p&p some decent offers on there for anybody into gardening,also a £5 voucher off your next order so free delivery again if you do another order.Code VMWB1… Read more

What are these like? T&M were OK for seeds and that is about it. Tried Parker's for a couple of seasons and not worth the bother or lost time due to too many wrong plants sent.


It was 5am i posted it lol.


It does work once you put the code in, just tried


The code worked for me on blackberry plants. On the page I looked at it said free p&p until midnight 12th Feb. That's odd!. When I look on my phone the home page has the 'free p&p until midnight 12th Feb' banner but no mention when I ordered on the computer. Definitely got free postage though. My goods came to £14.97 with no p&p charge.


It says Sunday 12th January

72 Perennial Plant Lucky Dip £5 + £3.95 postage Van Meuwen
Found 11th Apr 2016Found 11th Apr 2016
72 Perennial Plant Lucky Dip £5 + £3.95 postage Van Meuwen
Could be a good deal? Quite small plugs - 6-8cm height inc roots but grow them on and will be a good show. Code needed: VMNS0552XZ A new lucky dip selection of stunning hardy pere… Read more

So if 72 plants suits, then this is a better deal than the Thompson & Morgan one that expired at 221 degrees! Heat from me anyway OP. :)


That's me told :|


"Please note that this offer is limited to one pack per order at this special price. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or with promotional vouchers. Hurry, offer ends midnight Wednesday 6th April or while stock lasts." Therefore it's 2 * (0.36+4.95).


I'm not a rocket scientist, but i do recall some of the maths i learned at school. In those days, £5.67 was less than £8.95. 2 x 36p + £4.95 postage = £5.67.


It's also not rocket science to work out that this is cheaper than two of the others.

pre-planted viola basket for £6.99 delivered @ van meuwen
Found 13th Nov 2015Found 13th Nov 2015
pre-planted viola basket for £6.99 delivered @ van meuwen
For hassle-free gardening this autumn, look no further than this pre-planted hanging basket - the easiest way to winter/spring colour. This sturdy, weather-proof, hanging basket ha… Read more

Items refunded again, so small result, no baskets but nice profit!


I received mine and so did my Nan. I didn't receive any updates on my order or delivery day though.


Just checked on my delivery and found that all my order has been cancelled no reason given and no email sent, money was refunded but nothing to tell me why? Terrible customer service.


Received my hanging baskets today. The baskets were cracked - anyone else had the same experience?


Payment returned, no reason given, 2 orders.

Van Meuwen. Rose 'Bright as a Button' just £1.99! + P&P £3.95 (£5.94)
Found 20th Feb 2015Found 20th Feb 2015
Van Meuwen. Rose 'Bright as a Button' just £1.99! + P&P £3.95 (£5.94)
Repeating flowering rose from spring to autumn. Flowers for 6 months. Ready to plant on arrival. Disease hardy and fragrant. Regular price is £14.99, you just add the single plant … Read more
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Nice find!

Van Meuwen winter bedding lucky dip £4.43 delivered with code
Found 2nd Oct 2014Found 2nd Oct 2014
Van Meuwen winter bedding lucky dip £4.43 delivered with code
Pay just 48p for 48 winter bedding plants with order code VMNS0205XZ. This is plus postage as usual, so 48 plug plants for £4.43. Offer ends tonight!
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Ordered thankyou


Thanks, ordered, definitely worth a punt.


Correct link


Link takes you to an empty basket.


Cheers OP, ordered along with the 16 Allium Big Impact offer :)

Found 26th Sep 2014Found 26th Sep 2014

I'm also intrigued by the comment above about this "dreadful" company. I've used them many times with no issues. Can you be more specific?


Code does not work for me


Can you elaborate?


oh god do NOT use this dreadful, dreadful company


Oh blimey - is everyone buying these up ? :S

Italian Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) WAS £19.99 each NOW £3.35 EACH! £19.94 for 6 + £3.95 del £23.89 @ Van Meuwen
Found 13th Jul 2014Found 13th Jul 2014
Italian Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) WAS £19.99 each NOW £3.35 EACH! £19.94 for 6 + £3.95 del £23.89 @ Van Meuwen
OK non-gardeners please move on! This is a great price for the archetypal Italian cypress, brings height, grace and structure to any garden, whatever the size. You can buy in small… Read more
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Got 12 of these. 12 good sized trees. Look great. excellent value.


Which part of England?


Watch out for this little fella. I'm amazed the RHS haven't mentioned Italian Cypress as one of it's targets, but it does attack Italian Cypress. The country is full of Leyland Cypress hedges with large dead blotches on them and people put it down to frost or drought or all sorts of things, but they're wrong. It's almost all down to my acquaintence, the Cypress Aphid (Cinara cupressivora).


Great find, order placed :)


They'd have no chance up here in Scotland then!

48 perennials OR 9 Hardy Fuchsia with fertiliser for the price of postage £5.65 at Van Meuwen
Found 6th Apr 2014Found 6th Apr 2014
48 perennials OR 9 Hardy Fuchsia with fertiliser for the price of postage £5.65 at Van Meuwen
Hey All, You may have seen the 48 'free' (pay postage - so not totally free but thats how its described) perennials in the Sunday Express today....well I managed to find the onlin… Read more

You'll have to let me know if you find any other sales at B&Q as I don't have a homebase nearby :(Don't be envious of my Delphiniums, they didn't last long! I put two in the ground and they haven't came up again this year, though I put one in a pot which has came up and looks healthy. The slugs must have had them, same with the scabious, they look a bit, erm, "scabby" this year lol which is a shame as the bees absolutely loved them! I also have tonnes of slugs, I use trial and error, if anything eats them in the ground, I'll lift it up and put them in pots, with copper tape on, it seems to stop them quite well. They go for my hostas and carnations like ice cream on a hot day! I have heavy clay soil, which turns to rock in summer, like you I have to use bark to keep the moisture in, and I've started digging in organic matter, and compost each year which is gradually helping it. I really don't have a clue when it comes to gardening, I don't know what will grow well so I just buy anything that I like, try it in the garden, and then if it grows well I'll buy a few more the following year, which seems to be working quite well lol Took a few photos of my Van Meuwen plants, they seem to be growing well, which is a first for me! Hope your perennials turn up soon, bit unfair that yours were postponed when you were one of the first to order!


I think I got yo the same 50p sale at b&q and yeah I cleaned them out also lol :). Love a bargain!! I am deeply envious of your Delphinus you have -I have way to many slugs and snails for them to grow! Scabious also!! Lovely-I always loose mine. I have very free draining soil so everything gets very dry-I NEED to get the bark I bought last year on them! Huge amount of weeding to do first! :S Your basket looks great! One thing to do now -keep it watered! That's what I forget to do. I called up about my perennial plugs are they say delivery may now? Not sure why as so e already gave theirs I believe?? Oh we'll gives me more time to prepare? Yeah right! Lol


[img][/img]These were the ones I got from B&Q last year, think I spent around £16. it was posted on here, (linky) 10 Months ago, so mid June I guess,. It probably changes each year though.Also made my first hanging basket today, 3 x aurea at the bottom, 9 white lobelia in the middle, 3 red gereniums, 2 white bacopas, and a couple of red petunias up top. Hope they turn out ok, the top looks a little cramped, but the sides look too sparse, I just hope the plants cover the basket. I'm thinking the White/Red theme might look a little garish once they grow, so might swap the top red out for something else.


I never knew most compost had animal by-products added, I'm also vegetarian so it's good to know, glad I made the right choice! I bought the westland manure last year for the roses, but had a fly infestation, which lasted all summer. Apparently when it's organic, flies can lay their eggs in the bags, and due to there being no pesticide they breed like wild fire. So I won't be using it again this year. Well done with the bargain haul! I did a similar thing last year at B&Q, in the heat of summer, most of them were dieing off, so they decided to clear them all out, reducing them to around 50p. Grabbed quite a lot, a bit of TLC and they were all revived, and most of it has come up again this year. It was being in the right place at the right time just like you, I'd have to be extremely lucky to get them again this year, seeing as I don't go to b&q that often, but would be great if I could! Nipped in Sainsburys today, they had 3 for 2 on bedding plant trays, verbenas, petunias, marigolds, gereniums. The mixed colour varieties had 20 in a tray at £4, so 60 plants for £8 which didn't seem too bad, can't complain at 13p each! I guess I'm anticipating the death of my Van Meuwan ones, but hopefully they will grow. I have a small greenhouse, (despite my lack of plant knowledge), mostly used as a shed, so I've cleared it out and put the plants inside it, might be a bit more at home than the spare room lol


Quite, it always seems to happen to me. I was given a surprise present of those frozen Russell Donald packs while i was away one christmas, and that was ok too. I have also ordered the perennials but they have not arrived yet, I have just potted the fuchsias. I expect the fushias to be really mini plugs.

Guardian Reader Offer - 6 Free Tomato 'Sweet Aperitif' Plants. Just Pay postage £3.00 (Save £14.98 off normal price) @ Van Meuwen
Found 25th Mar 2014Found 25th Mar 2014
Guardian Reader Offer - 6 Free Tomato 'Sweet Aperitif' Plants. Just Pay postage £3.00 (Save £14.98 off normal price) @ Van Meuwen
Guardian Gardening offer via Van Meuwen. Pay just price of postage £3.00 and get 6 free 'Sweet Aperitif' tomato plants. Seems decent offer to me

Whoosh! I think you missed the point of what I said - they're not loopholes, they're a perfectly legal aspect of being in the EU! The point is the hypocrisy of the Guardian, that bleats on and on about tax avoidance by Amazon et al, yet is guilty of the self same avoidance in its own finances.


Who cares if there was a loop hole I could get out of paying tax I would, blame the government for not closing the holes.


delivered by the end of may, you could grow your own quicker


Couldn't possibly participate in an offer from a newspaper that dodges its fair share of taxes, using offshore trusts etc., then bleats sanctimoniously about Starbucks, Amazon and Google (though strangely, not Apple) legally using the Guardian's beloved EU's tax laws to their advantage! :)


Thanks ordered

4 Fruit Tree Collection only £19.96 - less than £5 per tree! Van Meuwen. Use code VMNS0046XZ
Found 31st Jan 2014Found 31st Jan 2014
4 Fruit Tree Collection only £19.96 - less than £5 per tree! Van Meuwen. Use code VMNS0046XZ
4 Fruit Tree Collection only £19.96 - less than £5 per tree! Grow your own mini-orchard with this fabulous collection - you will receive 1 tree each of Braeburn apple, Conference P… Read more

£19.96 + P&P £3.95

Spectacular Perennials Collection, 72 plug plants £13.94 delivered SAVE £61.89 @ Van Meuwen
Found 11th Oct 2013Found 11th Oct 2013
Spectacular Perennials Collection, 72 plug plants £13.94 delivered SAVE £61.89 @ Van Meuwen
Just seen this on their website, cheapest I've seen in other places is about £17 + postage, I've currently got 72 on the go from an earlier offer on another site. They come as sma… Read more
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I'm not green fingered, still learning, but as long as you don't put them out when it's too cold they should be fine. If you have a greenhouse you're laughing. The only problems I had were things like slugs going for some of them, and rust attacking some hollyhocks I got, but now know to be proactive in fending them off before it's too late.


had similar potted on out of 24 one survived, suggest these are good for very green fingered people only


Ah OK I've amended the description, they seem to grow them in batches then send them out when they're ready. The ones I got I received in about August (ordered ~June I think) so I'm looking after them till they're ready for the big wild world next Spring. :p Makes sense I suppose, they can offer them that cheap so they know how many to grow.


This looks like a really good offer - just one thing though, it says "Despatch: By end of March 2014".


Nice one, 14p per plant has to be one of the bargains of the year. :p

FREE 200 Spring-Flowering Bulbs worth a total of £38.37 plus £5.60 P&P Van Meuwen
Found 11th Oct 2013Found 11th Oct 2013
FREE 200 Spring-Flowering Bulbs worth a total of £38.37 plus £5.60 P&P Van Meuwen
You need to use extra code GUP100 at the check out. You`ll pay only £5.60 P&P. Today they are offering you the chance to claim a fantastic garden giveaway to makeover your gard… Read more
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Thanks op, I've just ordered :-)


I would reply on this e-mail or contact Van Meuwen


Tried again with just one order, still getting same message :(


Great offer. That's a few christmas presents sorted. ;)


It`s only 1 order per household. Maybe that`s why they send you this information :)

32 Orange Blend Tulips & a Strawberry Planter or Grow Pouch £6.89 delivered for both @ Van Meuwen
Found 18th Aug 2013Found 18th Aug 2013
32 Orange Blend Tulips & a Strawberry Planter or Grow Pouch £6.89 delivered for both @ Van Meuwen
These look like beautiful tulips & both items together have a retail value of £35 on Van Meuwen , but get both for £6.98 inc delivery by using code ; VMNE67Z Just add the tuli… Read more

Keeps trying to charge me £11:98 cold for me.


you might wait a while for order. We ordered fruit trees last October and were told they were despatched in March...they weren't. When complained were told it would be November! Over a year later


Same thing happened to me but got email confirmation the instant I got an error message so order went through. Thanks op.


ordered thanks!


Got to checkout with correct price of £6.89 and after entering credit card details, the website dumped everything. Don't know whether order has gone through or not. (No confirmation email as yet). Poor service!

Van Meuwen 1p +p&p Daphne odora 'Aureomarginata' £3.96 delivered
Found 8th Aug 2013Found 8th Aug 2013
Van Meuwen 1p +p&p Daphne odora 'Aureomarginata' £3.96 delivered
Van meuwen are doing there 1p deal again for a Daphne odora 'Aureomarginata' Hardy Shrub add it to the basket and it will be 1p if not add code: VMNS37Z in the order code box. Thi… Read more

Worth taking cuttings from these, once you have them, as they're not as long lived as most other shrubs - expect 10 years or so, sometimes less.


An 8cm pot suggests it's practically a seedling. For a few quid more (probably £7.99 to £9.99) you could get a bush in a 2L pot or larger at an independent nursery. If there is a way to get lower or free postage then it's an excellent deal but with the postage cost it's not so hot.


Best smelling flower in the world, yet I have never seen one in the UK


It should grow to a height and spread of 150cm


looks good deal except only in an 8cm pot must quite small shrub or should i say shrublet !

'Free' BBQ Tool Kit at Van Meuwen (Pay £4.30 P&P)
Found 5th Aug 2013Found 5th Aug 2013
'Free' BBQ Tool Kit at Van Meuwen (Pay £4.30 P&P)
The set includes quality stainless steel tools with long wooden handles which are securely wrapped up in a specially designed carry case. You will receive a fork, pair of tongs, tw… Read more

Arrived today. Great product....excellent value....super service....fantastic company! I'm sorry for those who missed out due to some ill-informed comments! (ps....I'm NOT Mr Meuwen by the way!)


Nothing but trouble with this company and their incessant emails despite unsubscribing!


Not sure why? Here's my confirmation.... Item information Product Dispatch Date Cost Qty Total FREE* BBQ Tool Kit for every reader worth �16.99 Within 28 Days £4.30 1 £4.30 P&P: £0.00 GRAND TOTAL: £4.30 Try the link from here....


Just tried it, read all The Ts n Cs, all looked ok, it says free with a * after the word free just pay £4.30 but like you guys as soon as I go to checkout wham, it adds on the £3.95 total con.


It's a con adds on £3.95 extra for pp so ends up £8.25 don't buy vote cold

4 Sweet sensation strawberry plants 1p plus £3.95 delivery with order code VMNS27Z
Found 29th Jun 2013Found 29th Jun 2013
4 Sweet sensation strawberry plants 1p plus £3.95 delivery with order code VMNS27Z
Another cheap Van Meuwen deal. 4 strawberry plants, were £9.99, were £3.99 now 1p plus £3.95 postage with order code VMNS27Z. Bargain, here's the blurb One of the sweetest strawb… Read more
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First time I have used them this year and definitely the last! The worst Customer Service and plants imaginable - save your postage and buy dead plants from B&Q they will be better than the stuff these people send (if they arrive) Voted cold because its a rip off not a deal


Just for everyone's information, Van Meuwen and Vernon's Geraniums are both owned by T&M.


Have to say that, over the many years that I've dealt with them, they've been as good as gold. The only thing that has "gone wrong" with my orders is that they have been delayed due to the idiosyncracies of our weather. Everything has always arrived, I've always had the relevant emails from them and when they've had to substitute (rarely), the substitutions have been value for the money that I spent on the original order and are accompanied by a £5 voucher. The one thing that REALLY annoys me and it applies to ALL of the major mail-order plant sellers is offers like this... ...spend a penny and get X, Y or Z for just the cost of the delivery. Yeah right, order something else at the same time and, unless your order qualifies for free delivery you will pay a second delivery charge. Even when you do qualify for free delivery, you still have to pay that spend a penny delivery charge of £3.95 or £4.95 or whatever. It's about time that this method of marketing was banned as there is no way that you can get the plants on offer for 1p or free. Companies should be forced to state that, using these strawberry plants as an example, their deal costs £3.96. Wonder what the OFT's reaction would be to one of the major electrical chains or stores listing a special offer on a fridge freezer as - get this fridge freezer for just £1, just pay the delivery charge of £298.99?


they're not a very good company unfortunately