Vanquish 360 and PS3 at Play £29.99

Vanquish 360 and PS3 at Play £29.99

Found 29th Oct 2010
Okay cheaper at Shopto but handy for playfunds


tesco have this at bexhill for same price and get another game free i thik its alpha project

How is this a 'hot deal' when it is chepaer at ShopTo, DVD.Co.Uk, BlahDVD, Zavvi, The Hut, Simply Games, etc??

Will be £17.99 soon anyway due to lack of multiplayer and short campaign.

AK Gunners, dont think retail will decide on future price based on gameplay but more on sales...

I saw an excellent comment on IGN about this game. Why didn't Sega get this team to create their Iron Man game? It would have led to better overall sales and a decent licensed game.

It's 27.99 at Sainsburys until 2nd November.
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