Vanquish (360/Ps3) £26.09 @ Zavvi

Vanquish (360/Ps3) £26.09 @ Zavvi

Found 15th Oct 2010
Zavvi have just reduced vanquish to 28.99 and with the 10% walkers code brings it down to 26.09. Great price for a pre order game!


makes you wonder about the quality of the game. will it be below £20 within 4 weeks of release ?

hot all the same

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I think the price is low because they know its not going to sell great as its not been marketed well. I thought it looked very good from the demo but it is surprising to see a pre order game this cheap!

There is a rumour starting to appear on the tinternet that the campaign is only 4 hours long. Not good for a game with no multiplayer if true!

Good price for a new release though

Check out the video review from Gamespot...
Vanquish Review

Looks interesting - like it would make a good rental...
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