Vanquish (PS3/X360) £11.57 + 4% Quidco @ HMV
Vanquish (PS3/X360) £11.57 + 4% Quidco @ HMV

Vanquish (PS3/X360) £11.57 + 4% Quidco @ HMV

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what a great price cheapest yet I think


Good and odd price?

very hot, tempted but need to get round to playing Darksiders first! Thanks!!!


Good and odd price?

Odd company.

Great great though

Great game at this price it's a no brainer

I still have Enslaved sealed from Christmas, too many games too cheap!

The game is great, worth buying now for that price even if you are busy with others.

I will just wait for 9.99 now...too close to it.

Does anyone know if this is version with the lenticular sleeve?
Also does the voucher code VARIOUS work with this?


Sweet . brought !

Woah, weird! HMV used to have a really beautiful site, now it's pretty horrible looking. Have they stopped paying the bill for a graphic designer?

hot hot hot! the demo was amazing
just have to finish dead space 2 as quickly as i can ;-)

AAAArgh! Just put mine on ebay for £18. Will have to drop the price now, was already cheapest on there.

Anything from Platinum studios is worth being interested in, back when they were clover they came out with: viewtiful joe 1&2, okami and godhand, and as platinum they have made this and bayonetta their resume is pretty damn bulletproof.

It's owning games like this that separates you apart from the crowd.

I was just looking over Bafta's Game award nominations and seen Black Ops, BioShock 2, Dance Central, FIFA all listed.

When new IPs that are this good aren't supported the future is bleak.

Triple aaa title. Absolutely awesome blast of a game.

sold out for PS3

Only 360 left now

I've just started this and its very very very good

Stick it on Hard if want a good challenege

Price shows as £39.99 when I add the 360 one to my basket???

Thanks 'Rooby Dooooooo!'. I loved the demo of this but because I am such a cheapskate I didn't want to pay £17.99 recently but I am glad I didn't buy it now ..... mmmmmm however I am getting the same issue as Rogan and it is showing as 39.99 in my basket

Cold....only 360 left and out of stock everywhere.......i have heard this is a brillianr game though!

£39 for me as well ?????

Sensational game! Very achievable gamer points too.

Listed as £11.57 in the product listing, but adds to the basket at £39.99 with no sign of updating. :-(

looks expired to me

Grrrrr I have loads of HMV vouchers, and it's 40quid in store!

Darn it. 39.99.

Next best price anyone?

You're not missing out on much. Bit of an overhyped game. Just sold my copy for £18 after all.
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sweet! they accidentally gave me alien vs predator as well for free

anyone else lucky enough to get that?


sweet! they accidentally gave me alien vs predator as well for freeanyone … sweet! they accidentally gave me alien vs predator as well for freeanyone else lucky enough to get that?

Yep - me too.

I'm half expecting them to demand it's return though - they have done that to me before, and threatened they would charge me if I didn't. Until then, it stays in it's cellophane and I keep quiet about it.

Just received it bundled with AvP too - sweet

Just ordered......finger crossed i get that as well ;-)

I received mine today....also got AvP bundled with it.

Same here, with AvP. That's a nice surprise, though I guess someone will be getting reprimanded for this big mistake ..

Would they really ask us to return it? We should charge them for the postage and the hassle :P

Anybody ever got money from quidco ?

Just wanted to confirm i got AVP with my Vanquish :-)
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