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Found 23rd Dec 2014Found 23rd Dec 2014
4 x AA NiMh+ Rechargeable Batteries in case NEW Technology "Instant Batteries" What's New? 1. The batteries are ready to use as soon as you have removed them from their packing. … Read more
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Currently own some Sanyo eneloop AA batteries and was about to purchase some of the latest generation of Panasonic when someone posted about these Vapextech on another thread. They seem excellent value. Will wait to see if they drop in price during January sales before ordering.


You can get 60 for 68.50 off their site either order the 2900 and add a note to the order or give them a ring


Have you used both brands and had problems with the Eneloops? Or are we just going on the strength of your opinion?


You must work for the Office of National Statistics with such a vast amount of sample data (_;) Do I not get an apology :p


Well why did 2 out of 8 or the Vapextech die and yet none of my Eneloop batteries have? Seems pretty simple to me

Found 28th May 2013Found 28th May 2013
These are currently the best rechargeable Low Self Discharge (retains power for years) batteries that money can buy. You can buy 8 for £7.95 Better than Sanyo Eneloop, GP Recyko, … Read more
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So what did you get?


Just checked amazon another seller is selling 2 x 4 AA eneloop batteries it specifies also 1 x 8 so eight batteries they describe the boxed weight as 118 grams The seller of the 4 x 4 AAA boxed weight is 458 grams so either it's a hell of a lot of packaging or it is 16 AAA batteries I have my fingers crossed LOL


Had dispatch confirmation so I'll let you know when I get them


I bought some of these about a year ago and they are nowhere as good as Eneloop batteries. 4 of them refuse to charge at all whatever charger I try. The 4 that still work lose charge fairly quickly and I have to recharge them after a few months if not used. All in all I will never buy Vapextech again. About six months ago I bought some Eneloop and they seem to last longer and hold charge a lot longer.


Vapextech used to be good, but since upping the mAh they aren't anymore. I think they must have got a different supplier. They lose charge when not used almost as bad as ordinary rechargables. These AAA are worse than the AA they do..... but I don't even rate the AA anymore.

AA 8 X NIMH+ RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES Ready to go Vapextech UK for £11.25
Found 28th May 2013Found 28th May 2013
These are currently the best rechargeable Low Self Discharge (retains power for years) batteries that money can buy. You can buy 8 for £11.25 Better than Sanyo Eneloop, GP Recyko,… Read more
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But im not doing that, and why wouldnt you want me to be doing that action? slightly confused by your words. I was assume your saying oh no, but then i might be wrong. As for the deal, i was just sayng that other post had the same amount of batteries for he triple AAA size, but its less power. So really you are getting allot less value. I personally think have a look on ebay. I pick up recharagbles for hardly anything. Just I had to wait a long time.



face palm?


LOL! Can someone get a face palm on this guy?


I used to Buy Vapextech, but since they upped the capacity, 2500 now with the AA, they aren't as good as they used to be. they don't hold the charge for as long now. The vapextech AAA are really bad now. I wont be buying them anymore, and will buy Eneloops when I need more.

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Vapex AA 8 x NiMh+ Rechargeable Batteries NEW Technology (free postage) @ Vapextech - £11.25
Found 19th Jan 2013Found 19th Jan 2013
What's New? 1. The batteries are ready to use as soon as you have removed them from their packing. 2. They will stay ready for use for over a year without the need to recharge Ty… Read more
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Eneloop, Panasonic evolta and Contour are all better! Reason is they have 75/85% charge after 3 years and 70% after 5 years! Not 70% after 12 months. I have also heard of a lot more cell failures with Vapex compared to the Sanyo/Panasonic's.


Good to know; probably not as good but a better deal for most applications based on price....


lidl have "tronic" ready to use batteries for £3 (4 pack AA) and are as good as these as far as i can see so far. edit: they're lower rated at 2100 but there's no noticeable difference


I already had these, but wanted some more. Sorry peeps thought it was s good deal.


Not according to the tests I have seen.

Found 29th Jul 2012Found 29th Jul 2012
Great Reviews for Vapextech batteries. This is the cheapest I have found and this includes PP. All others are selling for than £7.99. High Power AA 2900mAh Vapex rechargeable bat… Read more

These aren't Eneloop type batteries and are better for rapid drain use like camera flashes. Not sure why all the comparisons to Eneloops. The Vapextech low discharge equivalent to the Eneloop - the Instant range is nominally higher powered than the Eneloops. My last set were rated at 2500mAh.


Sorry my bad. That link was for the AAA 800mah eneloops. This is the AA ones which are £1.04 more but i just prefer eneloops. Still a good price for these Vapex batteries thats why i voted Hot.


LOL. They are 800mah.


This is normal price and not a special deal of any sort


Those are from a marketplace seller and not Amazon all items directly sold by Amazon have a free "supersaver" delivery option.

Vapextech 8 x AA rechargeable 'Ready to go' NiMH batteries just £11.25
Found 25th Jun 2012Found 25th Jun 2012
My first post so please be kind. Someone told me about these batteries and I must say after trying them, they are the best ones I've ever tried. They may not be the cheapest batte… Read more
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Batteries prices go down all the time. It is strange to see that Vampextech has just increased theirs. Very cold.


Thank you nomeames. :)


Welcome to HUKD. :-)


The majority of others who commented do not appear to agree with you. The 7dayshop batteries are not LSD, which these Vapextech ones are. Note that 1 year ago, these Vapextech batteries received a very favourable response here on HUKD and 6 months ago they went stratospheric.


These are great....2900 mAH. 16 pack for £16.99 or 4 pack for £5.59 delivered. (7dayshop)

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bought 2 packs of these 3/4 in both packs flat the other only 400mah. not in the same league at the AAA.


Aldi batteries were decent but they have abandoned them, no doubt because it is a case of once bought never needed again. I would assume they will be back as one off specials.


Review all:


This isn't a deal... its the regular price. And these batteries were covered in Orvilles thread about Vapextech where he's done extensive testing of both the AA and AAA. Cold.


And AAA GP recyko

8x AA Vapextech Ready to Go rechargeble LSD batteries for £10.50
Found 31st Dec 2011Found 31st Dec 2011
These are currently the best rechargeable Low Self Discharge (retains power for years) batteries that money can buy. You can buy 4 for £5.40 or 8 for £10.50. Better than Sanyo Ene… Read more

Im also using 4 vapextech AA's which I purchased 18 months ago, and I have just done a refresh cycle on all 4. The capacities are 2430, 2430, 2410, 2430, i.e. they are identical to when I purchased them. No loss at all and look at how similar they are only 20 mah between all 4, so I have to suggest they are very good quality, i doubt even Eneloop are as similar in capacity between 4 batteries. And if you see my earlier post no 720 you will see how accurate they were when i did a refresh on them last year. Re the eneloop they only hold 1900-2000 mah and are twice the price. The fact that they claim to hold 70% charger after 5 years is irrelevant for virtually everyone, if one does not use a battery for 5 years then they don’t need them. I can’t comment on their long-term reliability of the AAA but I will be surprised if they tuned out to be duds


Don't expect those values to last because they will not!! I was getting similar values after spending a lot of time burning them in initially and the capacity very quickly lowered until I was regularly recharging them. I stopped using them and the AA's and moved to Eneloops which work far better IMO.


i purchase 8 of the Vapextech AAA LSD rated at 950mah. put them through the refresh mode on my Technoline BC700 and every battery came up OVER the stated value, cant comment on how long they hole their charge but in terms of capacity these are superb, out of the 8 batteries, lowest was 970mah, the highest was 1025mah, as below using the refresh cycle. well done vapextech


My word! Fancy seeing this thread again...I do remember it from three years ago. The price for 8 of these batteries is now £10.95


A bump for this quality thread for the new site

VapexTech 8x Instant 2500mAh LSD NiMH £10.50 @
Found 3rd Sep 2011Found 3rd Sep 2011
I ordered these last month, on the site it says 2300mAh, but i recieved their newer 2500 Instant. (on the pack it says nominal 2500 rated at 2400) Check here for a review where vap… Read more

Heat if only for the fact they are LSD batteries. Should be good for the next trip... Erm... On a coach!


Ignorance is bliss.Vapex are far superior in every way to the 7dayshop ones and I have both.


I'll give these a go, i have some eneloop ones which have been great, but would like to try these guys aswell. Could anyone recommend a good charger for these? after a new 'smart' one that isnt one of those 1 hour charge models cause they're supposed to ruin your batteries quick


Ordered some more yesterday, these are up there with the best. I recall researching these when I bought my first lot and u need to be careful when comparing. I give these a 10/10. Heat.



Vapextech Instant 2300mAh AA - 4 Pack - £5.40 Delivered @ Vapextech UK
Found 25th Aug 2011Found 25th Aug 2011 <- Better link. 1. The batteries are ready to use as soon as you have removed them from their packing… Read more

I ordered last Friday but still nothing...poor experience so far from me as I needed them for today as going on holiday first thing tomorrow...


I've just received an 8 pack and they are 2500 mah !! Can anyone who gets these post capacity as measured by charger ? -dearer on ebay ???


Vapextech... I swear by them. Big fan of their 2900 mAh AAs I use them in by 550EX Canon flash and I get plenty of mileage out of them. They have their own website and an Ebay store as well so shop around as the prices often vary.


Ditto. The only slow discharge ones I have are 7dayshop ones and I've been happy enough with them .... compared to normal rechargeables. So I'll be interested to see if these ones seem noticeably better. For all the extra they cost it seems like a no-lose purchase to me. The guy who did the test certainly seems to know what he's on about and it looked pretty thorough to me! I'd don't think the 7dayshop ones are terrible or anything, just that these are better!


That's an interesting test, thanks for the link. I have used both types of batteries from 7dayshop but never compared to another brand. I've been happy with the performsnce of the Good-to-Go batteries but it's Good-to-Know that there are better brand for little more money :-)

8 x NiMh+ Rechargeable low discharge (stay ready) Batteries £10.50 @ Vapextech
Found 5th Jun 2011Found 5th Jun 2011
Also available 4 for £5.40 all with free delivery New style low discharge (stay ready) batteries that stay charged for a lot longer, Bought for my upcoming holidays and so far hav… Read more
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still available un enxpire


Wow.. ordered 8x AA and 8x AAA yesterday when this was posted, got them this morning. Impressive!


Yes, it does.


I have exactly the same problem. I recently bought some high capacity AA's for my xbox controllers and they dont fit! I think I could try and force it but I dont want to risk cracking the plastic of the battery holder!


+1 I had the same prob with my xbox controller and these batteries are the BEST. I always have probs of losing signal from xbox controller but is do to BAD batteries. U get BABY’s and all ur probs are gone in a sec. I allways get this on from time to time kid’s toys. I got 8 this Friday. Also great customer services. They sent wrong batteries on Wednesday, i called on Thursday and there was another "claudio" so we got mixed the orders she told me sorry and on Friday i had my batteries and a pre paid envelope to send the return batteries. All thumbs UP for a great top notch customer service.

Vapextech Instant 2300mAh AA - 4 Pack - £5.40 Delivered @ Vapextech UK
Found 16th Mar 2011Found 16th Mar 2011
1. The batteries are ready to use as soon as you have removed them from their packing. 2. They will stay ready for use for over a year without the need to recharge. Type AA Nimh+ … Read more
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Read the thread - there are always people asking the same question.


can anyone recommend me a charger to go for these?


Posting to remind me to buy these when I get home :p

Cheers for the post!


Mine actually arrived Friday. Emailed Vapex and told me they got sent out on 17th by First class. So must have got held up in postal system. They did offer to send me another set out, so good customer service!