Vaporiser 2 Nikko radio controlled car £10 was £25, @ Morrisons

Vaporiser 2 Nikko radio controlled car £10 was £25, @ Morrisons

LocalFound 21st Nov 2016
It is showing as £38 on Amazon at the moment.

Don't forget spend £50 get 10p off a litre (thank you to HOTUKDEALS who posted that deal!)

Hope this helps everyone!

Merry Christmas!!!
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At morrisons
Still £25 at my local

Almost picked one up this morning while on the great JD hunt but didn't want the ear bashing off the wife when she (quite rightly) tells me my son has plenty of RC vehicles he doesn't play with already
£25 in my local
definitely £10, however has been £25 for last couple of weeks so guessing signage not been changed yet
£10 in Dumfries , got 3 for Christmas gifts

To the others , always worth asking a member of staff to scan for you . ignore price stickers , these never even had prices on it and the full pallet was untouched

Thanks OP , definitely a scorching hot deal

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Saw this for £10 earlier at cribs causeway, Bristol.
Anyone know what the build quality is like? It's seems very 'plasticky' and flimsy, especially the controller.
They are also selling them at the same price in lincoln store.
wow these are brilliant for kids . we got last years model for £30
how can people vote this cold????
I'm new to posting but here's proof][IMG][/URL][/img]
Just bought this at Teesside park. sure it's an error and this is the 49.99 version not the 24.99 version.
Heat added!
I think the nano is the £25 one. That doesn't come with charger and batteries and I'm guessing is smaller. This is definitely vaporizr 2 pro with 6v rechargeable battery and 1 hr charger
Yeah this is the 2.4ghz version with rechargeable battery. Might go back for another...
Just seen these in Burton Morrisons and was shocked how cheap these are now as I paid £40 on offer last year.
Just been back to Teesside park to get another as a gift. Loads sold in past hour.
Just got 2 in Caerphilly, there was a few left
Just picked up 2 from Morrisons Weymouth, about 10 left
just picked one up from Weymouth around 8 left now... good find op
Maybe voted cold because this deal is a duplicate, someone else posted this morning
I just got some shopping from Morrison's and seen them by door on way out so thought id share the deal. Didn't realise it was a duplicate if it is
dirt cheap, paid 30 for v1 years back. be mindful that the battery does not last more than 15 minutes at full pelt.
Bargain... Plenty at my local. Bought some to give to the kids and one for me of course
Stack at Eastwood morrisons scanning at £25 but taking £15 off bargin
I've just been looking into rc cars for a christmas present and was just about to get the vaporizr in Argos @ £33.49.
These work in water too and have good reviews on Smyths website where they're £39.99…hz/
I already have one, but at this price with the batteries and remote control, 1 hour rapid charge and also travels over snow water etc... Can't go wrong for £10!!
Oops should be Nikko!! Lol
Amended description !

Link to amazon, reviews are 4*…r+2
Great price. I posted this earlier but it got removed due to this which was first. Vaporizr 2.
my 3yo loved hers - nice bonus that these are ready to run out the box, so perfect for xmas morning. its a shame they didn't make the tyres rubber instead of hard plastic but the thing is plenty powerful.

we are going to the park tomorrow to have a play around on some open space. I think it says all terrain on the box but it seems like the instructions say no to a few surfaces like grass
i just bought 3 from Preston docks store, Theirs about 7 left on shelf now!
These are brilliant cars really fast, turn on a penny and drive on water
Can I buy two to race or will one controller work both like on other rc cars?
Advertised at £25 scans at£10 for everyone going off the price tag



Can I buy two to race or will one controller work both like on other rc … Can I buy two to race or will one controller work both like on other rc cars?

I think so, box says on it 10 can be raced together at the same time. I think the controllers pair to the car when switched on separately from other cars.

Can I buy two to race or will one controller work both like on other rc … Can I buy two to race or will one controller work both like on other rc cars?

Like simba said it says on box up to 10 cars can race together at once I bought three so can't wait to go racing xmas day with the kids, come rain or snow it's an amphibious RC car so should cope with weather no matter what an utter bargain in my view should be over 500 degrees on here at least by now!
From the title, I thought this deal was for an e-cig oO
(the OP has changed it since, so above comment looks a bit silly now (_;) )
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I got tha last one at my local yesternight after seeing this post. thanks op
Picked up one as an Xmas present for my daughter, plus one for me of course.

Stack at Eastwood morrisons scanning at £25 but taking £15 off bargin

Are they taking it off when u tell them that it's £10 at other Morrisons? Thx
Just bought 2 from Elland store which is a small store. Marked as £10 reduced from £25. Got a red one and a blue one for my 2 lads. Very happy. Can confirm these are the 2.4GHz version with 1 hour quick charge. Anyone know what the difference between the 2.4GHz and the 27Mhz version is? Is it just the frequency of the remote so you could have 2 running and not interfere?
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