Variety of bike inner tubes for a £1 @ Poundland!

Variety of bike inner tubes for a £1 @ Poundland!

Found 1st Sep 2011
I Visited my local poundland store (walsall) yesterday and noticed that they had inner tubes for a £1. Great price IMO as halfords have them at more than twice the price!
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Bargain price, wish there was a Poundland near me. Are they all schrader valves or do they have presta as well?
I don't think I would trust these IMO as might be made from cheap materials and so easy to puncture.

That being said it is still a good price though.
As far as i could see they were all schrader
For a pound its worth it to try once. im still yet to try them but i did take a look and they seemed to be similar quality to the basic halfords tubes.
I tried one and it sprung a leak

I gave it the benefit of doubt and bought another and it sprung a leak

Do yourselves a favour and avoid these, crappy quality.

Waste of time and money even at a quid
I get them in ALDI, 2 for £2, they seem fine.

Wouldn't have thought these were any worse than the cheap ones you'd get in a halfords bike when you bought it.
They are all schrader valves and they look as good as any cheap tube.
hi, i have brought many of these in london and wiltshire, a pound bargain, but they all leak at the valves!!!
honest try it, i bet you urs leaks.
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