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Posted 7 September 2022

Various Anova Red Precision Cookers discounted - Nano £76.21, Precision £116.21, Pro £148.21 with code delivered from Anovaculinary

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Seems like a great prices for these sous vide wands including delivery from Anovaculinary (using coupon code SUMMERDEAL)
Anovaculinary More details at Anovaculinary
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    I thought I’m trying to keep up with the trend on airfryers and now these, what the heck are these ‘precision cookers’ sticks, it can cook and also heat up your bath , wait what?!?
    Basically sous vide cooking is heating up your food in a water bath to it's desired temperature without going over that temperature (so no risk of overcooking). Then you can sear the outside for presentation/ looks
    Think steaks cooked perfectly


    Anova are arguably the premium brand for these sous vide wands, hence the deal. (edited)
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    Just had confirmation that these are essentially the same as their non-red namesakes.
    tbh I wasn't completely sure due to the big difference in cost!

    "They both have the same feature. The difference is just the color. Anova has joined forces with (RED) to fight global health emergencies, like AIDS and COVID. 100% of funds raised support life-saving programs in communities most in need."
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    So people cook steak in a plastic bag of water with this thing in it?

    Thanks but i'll pass.

    Being able to control the exact temperature of your cooking to the precise degree has major benefits and enhancements to your cooking
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    So am I right in thinking I can save on energy etc by bathing and cooking my dinner at the same time
    if you can bathe at the same temperature as the water (and in the same container) that you'll do sous vide cooks in, then yeah sure, why not?!
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    Amazing deal, though note the "delayed shipping" tag!
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    decent price, although there does always seem to be some manner of sale on these at the moment, so dunno if anyone ever pays full price.

    I've got the slightly older version of the middle one, had it for a few years. Very happy with it. Remember to factor in the cost of a container to do the actual cooking in. Also worth checking the costs of running one of these for hours at a time in the current economic climate - i believe they're not too bad (as the water isn't boiling, and it's only keeping it at a steady temp most of the time) but depends on your container, the volume of water, the actual timing etc.

    Also never been entirely sure why these need bluetooth / wifi. You literally set the temperature and leave it for hours without changing it.
    "Remember to factor in the cost of a container to do the actual cooking in"

    It's not just the price of a container you have to factor in. They other big add on expense will be buying a vacuum sealer machine (and of course the bags or a bag roll that you cut and seal into individual bags). These are needed so you can do your own version of boil in the bag for whatever it is you're cooking. (edited)
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    I have one of these. Sous-vide steak is amazing (sear the living daylights out of it) but you really want a piece at least 2 inches thick or bigger. Salmon is amazing, as are chicken breasts (never been so moist).
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    I've had my Precision Cooker just over 6 years now and it's still going strong. Steak was the main reason initially. Mashed potatoes are also amazing. I've used it as part of the triple cooking chips process. Just been looking at how energy efficient it is vs other cooking methods (answer very when using an insulated container).
    Low and slow always going to be more economical. Water has a very high specific heat capacity but it also holds its heat for a long time too.
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    Thanks OP - great deal and i've been on the edge of buying one for a while..but the extra 20% makes a big difference.

    Ordered the middle of the range, should do the job nicely!
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    Some info about each cooker...48180302-EN2M5.jpg
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    Seems to be sold out when you get to check out.
    Just checked again and the pro version seems to have sold out.
    Shame as that was the one I was sorely tempted to upgrade to. Oh well, decision has been made for me
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    I just use a slow cooker on low heat. Way cheaper.
    You're not gonna get an even heat distribution or control of the exact temperature needed to perfectly cook different cuts of meat or other recipies
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    Good deal, but you are looking at about £360 all in.
    £360 all in?