Various Belvita Breakfast Biscuits 6 x 50g, reduced from £2.52 to £1.00 at Morrison's

Various Belvita Breakfast Biscuits 6 x 50g, reduced from £2.52 to £1.00 at Morrison's

Found 22nd Mar 2016
Varieties include: Milk & Cereal, Honey & Nut, Cocoa, Crunchy Oats, Forest Fruit and Fruit & Fibre.
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i just paid £1.25 at tesco! lol
Excellent find heat added
same price in Poundland.
Today's marketing plan:

1. Get some tasteless biscuits that no one would normally buy
2. Seal in individual packs of 3
3. Market them as "Breakfast Biscuits" and make them initially appear to be healthy
4. Inflate the typical price for biscuits by 300% to 500%
5. Find lots of gullible people to buy them

Now, why didn't I think of that? I would have earned millions!
Except they actually are healthier than the average biscuit. The chocolate ones are tasty, and I prefer them over other chocolate biscuits like a chocolate digestive. They use whole grains and add vitamins. You can argue added vitamins aren't anything special or positive, but it is more like eating semi healthy fortified cereal than a normal biscuit. 1 biscuit gives you less than 2g of fat and 3.5 grams of sugar for the chocolate ones. 55 calories. Really not that bad.
For those that don't like sweet biscuits they're probably a decent option.

Rich tea are likely lower in fat and perhaps even sugar, but it's just plain white flower. Most normal biscuits are worse.

Anyway, loads of cereal is far worse than these biscuits.
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