Various Blu-ray's £6.99 @ Head Entertainment Leeds and Sheffield

Various Blu-ray's £6.99 @ Head Entertainment Leeds and Sheffield

Found 21st Sep 2009
Hi all,

I was in Head Entertainment (Leeds) at lunch time today in Leeds and they were starting to price Various Blu-ray's up at £6.99 and had also reduced some down to £7.99. I got Natural Born Killers for £6.99 (£9.95) and bought Die Hard 2 for £7.99 (was £9.95)

The few I saw which had been changed were:

Oceans Thirteen
The Brave One
Natural Born Killers
X Men: Last Stand
Mamma Mia
and lots more that I can't remember at the moment.

Basically they're changing the pricing structure to start from £6.99

I'll pop back tomorrow if I get chance and update this list.

This may be on at the other Head Entertainments



p.s. Thanks to gazzereth26 and Asura for their input


I was also there today at dinner time! Strange, was going to post but saw this!

There was loads of blu rays at £6.99,

x men last stand,
mamma mia

Very good deal!

The one in Meadowhall has alot of Blurays at £6.99 too,

from what i can recall,

Horton Hears a Who!
Broke Back Mountain
What Happenes In Vegas
30 Days Of Night
Prince Caspian

The Back wall was covered in them.

More from Leeds from memory:

First Blood Parts 1,2 and 3


Step it Up(?)

Starsky and Hutch
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