Various Cereals @ asda gone down to a £1

Various Cereals @ asda gone down to a £1

Found 7th Sep 2008
The following offers should go live hopefully tomorrow .........
Shreddies (Honey), Shredded Wheat (16pk), Cookie Crisp ( 375g), Nestle Cheerios (honey/Nut) and Golden nuggets are all going down to a pund.
The other offer going live hopefully tommorrow aswell is 2 for £2 on curiously cinnamon(normally £2.27 each), cheerios and cheerios (wheat).

I hope this helps people out........
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great! honey nut cheerios = my favourite
At least one or 2 are helathy(ish) Some have oodles of sugar in these!!!
nice - may i recommend asda smart price fruit & fibre though - it's soooo good and only 66p

At least one or 2 are helathy(ish) Some have oodles of sugar in these!!!

My kids love the Cinnamon ones, and I realised why when I looked at the sugar content 32.8g per 100g of cereal. Cookie Crisp = 35.3g / 100g. Golden Nuggets 35.8g / 100g.:x

Shredded Wheat's okay though (0.9g / 100g). Shame it's like chewing cardboard.:whistling:
Carb your kids fat for a £1, wicked :thumbsup:

Cookie Crisp = 35.3g / 100g.

oh my goodness, i just ate 2 bowls of that!!!!! :? :whistling:
anyone know (re- plain and h/nut cheerios) what size the boxes are? are they the normal or the massive 750g?
if i remeber rightly its the normal sized ones.......
to just think there is sooo much sugar in the boxes of cereal
Just stocked up on these - great heads up, thanks!

(I get my kids to choose half a bowl of plain cereal eg. shreddies, rice krispies, weetabix, and then they can choose a 'fancy' cerealto fill up the bowl ... cuts down the sugar a bit...)
arn't these the ones with the £1 dvd offers from on them
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