Various Corsair Power Supplies starting £34.99 @ PC WORLD
Various Corsair Power Supplies starting £34.99 @ PC WORLD

Various Corsair Power Supplies starting £34.99 @ PC WORLD

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CX430 £34.99

CX500 £44.99

CX600 £49.99

CX750 £59.99


Nah...avoid the CX series. Reliability is a massive concern on them. Stick with Evga, and XFX (Superflower/Seasonic OEM) at this price range. Not slating Corsair as a brand, just the CX models. I rock an AX760 Platinum, which is a beast, but that's a Seasonic OEM too.

ive got 760i, it rocks!

Have to agree with the first comment. These power supplies are just not worth the money and not actually made by Corsair (just under license).. had 2 break under warranty and they expected me to pay to return them to Germany (I think it was) for replacement which would've cost almost as much as the PSU's.

Yup cx are bit on the crap side. Brand is not add important as oem.

Great. Just great. How often does a thread come along on here about power supplies - when literally 10 minutes ago I fitted a new Cosair CX430 in to my PC!! Not concerned about the PC World price as it cost me less than that from Amazon, with the £5 MasterCard discount but now concerned about the reliability based on these comments!


It fairs quite well in this review at least and it does have a three year warranty...


Agree with the first comment but do pay attention to the EVGA PSU's, yes some of them are Superflower OEM but that generally was previous models a lot of them now are from FSP group.

I've had the CX500 version for over 5 years now. Not once did I have a problem and I'm running a lot of high end components in there with RAM, GPU and CPU OC'ed. Never had an issue.
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