various deals bogof or atleast half price @ Morrisons
various deals bogof or atleast half price @ Morrisons

various deals bogof or atleast half price @ Morrisons

don't shoot me ifa couple are double posted. I literally go into morrisons and buy all the deals which saves me a fortune so thought I would post them together here......
BM honey roast turkey better than (BT) half price 71p
muller corner 12 for £2 usually £2.89 for 6!
6 cornetto BT half price 94p
Petits flous 2 6 pack for £1.50 instead of £1.57 each
Chicken breast fillets bogof £6.49
aero choc mousse BT half price 54p for 6
amor yoghurt BT half price 33p each
McCoys crisps bogof £1.55
Aquapura water BT half brice 67p
enjoy ice cream cones BT half price 62p
6 wagon wheels bogof £1.19
Ribena half price £1.24
Helmans mayo half price 87p
Richmonds sausages BT half price 84p
smoothie lollies bogof £1.99
scampi half price £1.99
young omega 3 fish fingers half price £1.49
Birds eye chicken burgers bogof £1.69
goodfellas solo pizza half price £1.09
sandpiper wine half price £3.99

all in my local morrisons and lady at til said nationwide


Morrisons is very hot right now - Tesco and Asda definitely playing catch-up.
Yes some of them have been posted before (by me and hottoshop hehe) but heat and rep added for bringing them all together.

Just off down to Morrisons cheers for the list wife can go looking for some of those.

Those chicken pieces use to be just over £5 a pack and were BOGOF and while I can't compare weights I would swear there is less in the packet. Doesn't seem so cheap when you consider how much less you are getting or the fact prices have gone up so sharply. Thanks anyway

I can also divulge that one major chain purposely hikes prices by a huge margin (70% in a couple of cases!) a week or two before the item is put 'no offer'. My o/h who works their was in disbelief as her colleague changed the prices before her eyes. Quite low if you ask me. Morrsons really seem to be leading the way at the moment!

What does 'BT' mean?


What does 'BT' mean?

Better Than

Thanks for this, voted hot.

we shop at Morrissons every week so this is very usefull.

Worth checking out their website for offers too as they list them all there.

When are (if ever?) Morrisons going to do home delivery? Anyone know?
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