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Posted 19 January 2023

Various DMR V6 Flat MTB pedals starting from £5.99 + Delivery from £2.99 @ Rutland Cycles

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Various V6 pedals on offer at Rutland Cycles.
Camo model at £8.09 rutlandcycling.com/par…tml
Standard colours available from £5.99: rutlandcycling.com/par…tml
Delivery at £2.99 or free over £30

The DMRV6 is derived from the brilliant and iconic DMR V12 and features the same concave body, except it's made with a nylon body which means the V6 comes in at a fantastic price point. This flat mountain bike pedal has a narrow side profile and concave footprint design finished off with moulded pins which offer excellent grip for mountain bikers in a variety of trail conditions and mountain bike disciplines. The nylon body is affordable and yet durable, and the bearings use DMR's Dual DU Bush system which is reliable and stable.

The DMR V6 Special Edition is available in a special camo-green pattern.

  • Nylon concave body
  • Dual DU Bush bearings
  • Special edition camo green
Rutland Cycling More details at Rutland Cycling
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choice of 5 colours at £5.99 BLUE // (LIME) GREEN // ORANGE // RED / WHITE = £5.99 plus postage
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  1. johnnystorm's avatar
    The bushings can be a bit stiff in these but for the money you can't go wrong at this price.
  2. puffpastry's avatar
    all 5.99 ones oos
  3. Towelie's avatar
    If you want scars on your shins like you've been attacked by a lion, these are the pedals for you (edited)
    Gkains's avatar
    These aren't even metal. I'm sure I have seen some dangerously looking metal ones but I guess those cut your shins off rather scarring you!
  4. choices's avatar
    Dmr v8 & v12 are game changers, these look a more affordable option
    james_marchant's avatar
    Vaults are the boys to get… also. Crc have a few colours heavily discounted at around £50. That’s really good for a top draw flat
  5. ibiza's avatar
    I always preferred plastic pedals, as they make lesser divots on lower leg parts.
  6. Phlop0's avatar
    How bad is this environmentally? Can't even be recycled can they? Maybe they can...who knows.
    Replaceable pinned pedals last much longer.

    But as far as pedals go these are great. Might get them for the bairns bikes. Toughen them little shins up. (edited)
  7. whatyadoin's avatar
    a good price for a UK store, picked up a few pairs on bikester before christmas £3.90-4.50
  8. NewsWagg's avatar
    Ordered two sets, as often handy to have.
  9. rugman's avatar
    Cheers OP, I run these on my bikes, cheap and cheerful, a bit wasteful as the bearings are non serviceable but by the time they are shot, the plastic platform pins are worn out.
    Grabbed a few sets of the camo ones with free p&p cheers
  10. garnerw's avatar
    Amazing quality for the price
  11. deleted2447758's avatar
    Anonymous User
    OOS in all colours except black which is £14 😔
    Shure's avatar
    Camo still available at £8.09
  12. JR_SmiffEsq's avatar
    Ouch i remember these shimano bear trap things from my BMX days, pray your feet never fall off them and slam yer shins
    CroMoly's avatar
    I might be wrong.. but the original bear traps were Hutch.. then Tioga, and Kuwahara...  Victor of Taiwan were first to copy cheaply..  SE still make a version today.
  13. Clay92's avatar
    Had these in red for about a year. They are incredibly stiff so won't spin freely and they started creaking. The bushings aren't serviceable so I replaced them. They look great but not great.
  14. james_marchant's avatar
    A decent enough budget flat for the money. The pins will obviously snap off very easily when you strike. But ightly more forgiving.

    And when you Bend the spindle. You won’t be massively upset because you can just throw em out and get new ones
  15. hbjatuk's avatar
    These are great.
's avatar