Various DVD's £3 at ASDA

Various DVD's £3 at ASDA

Found 5th Jul 2010Made hot 5th Jul 2010
Just popped into my local asda and noticed they have a ton of dvds reduced to £3
My 1st post so be nice!

The ones i picked up were
- Dorian Gray (reduced from £13)
- The Da Vinci Code
- Beowolf
- Hot Fuzz
- Death Race
- The Hulk (was reduced from 14.71)
- Catch Me If You Can
- Defiance


These are good prices than renting from rip off blockbuster

Defiance is such a great film, will have to get this. Cheers op

Most of these have been this price for a while, but a good deal for Dorian Gray so heat added.

Picked up these at this price over the weekend:
Rock N Rolla
Public Enemies

Great price!

I got Warlords (Jet Li) yesterday for £3 watched it last night and its a great film, its subtitled but dont let that put you off.

Hmv have similar prices in their new sale if handier to visit - Warlords in Fopp/HMV for £3 - these look good titles, so Heat/Rep:thumbsup:

Why does 'DVD's' have an apostrophe...?

I got some a few weeks ago.

bee movie
nims island
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