Various DVDs for £3 ASDA **INSTORE**

Various DVDs for £3 ASDA **INSTORE**

Posted 6th Feb 2009
A fair collection of dvds for 3 quid instore

Pretty Woman
Silence of The Lambs
The Patriot
Rain Man
The Omen
The Fly
Men In Black
The Queen
Little Miss Sunshine
The Last King Of Scotland
Sense and Sensibility
Black Hawk Down
Billy Elliott
The Longest Day
Jerry Maguire
Shakespeare in Love
The Devil Wears Prada

I also noticed Bram Stokers Dracula for £5…jpg
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£2 at my asda good deal
also i noticed sex in the city for £5.00
good find cheers x x x
finally worked out how to add photo - better late than never


This deal has been going on since January DVD's £2, £3, £5 and £7, They also had cheap CD's and games, My local only has rubbish left now and the usual Valentines selection(Dirty Dancing etc,etc)
Picked up Beowulf and 28 weeks later last night - both £3
we got gremlins 1&2 for £4 and ice age for £3 watch your receipt tho gremlins came up at £7 although it had a £4 sticker on it
If you are a ridley scott fan, then the black hawk down dvd and alien is worth the money.
Altho you can go bluray, these editions are the proper cuts. The alien one in pariticular is the "directors cut" essentially as the original was translated to disk in full form as mr scott intended.
Anyhoo - DVD's are cheap as cos of BD coming in cheaper i think.
Amazing bargains as a result. You dont need Bluray necessarily, just a good upscaling DVD player - you can get a Tosh sd380 or such for 30-40squid and you will be hardpressed to see the diff on anything smaller than a 42inch.
gremlins? oh man - im there. On the way now to catch th ebus to asda. Thats a CLASSIC set of flicks.
is it just me or do dvds seem to be coming down in price :?
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