Various Games Buy 1 Get one Free @ WHSMITH!
Various Games Buy 1 Get one Free @ WHSMITH!

Various Games Buy 1 Get one Free @ WHSMITH!

I went to my local WHSMITH (Aberdeen) the other day and noticed they had a clearout stall near the front of the store with various Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, DS, PSP, PS2 games BOGOF

Mario bros DS
Nintendogs DS
Warioware Wii
Mad world Wii
Wii music
smash bros
my sims kindgom
lego batman
animal crossing
dead rising

Xbox -
Dark sector
Star wars unleashed
race pro
gears of war 2

PS3 -
The wheelman
motorstorm pacific rift

I managed to get new super mario bros DS, warioware/madworld/zack and wiki on Wii all for £30


WHSmiths are pulling out of the entertainment market so expect some good deals over the next couple of months.


There's been about 5 games in TOTAL in my local WHSmith store in a random section for months now. What a selection!

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Same at mine seems they had all this xbox, ps3, wii, ds in the stockroom or somethign as it appeared out of nowhere

This should be hotter!

If it helps anyone there are quite a few things in Charlton (Greenwich Shopping Village or something it is called) - I got Far Cry 2 and Army of 2 on Xbox 360 £9 for the pair - the shop next door would have given me £12 instantly for trade in!!.

I also remember on PS3 there was Call of Duty WaW (£11 if you buy two at £22) Midnight club Los Angeles also £11.

Star Wars Force Unleased, Lego Batman, Fifa 09, Tiger Woods 09 and Tomb Raider all around £6 (i.e. at two for £12).
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