Various Grime CD's for £5

Various Grime CD's for £5

Found 13th Nov 2007
Great prices for grime CD's which are normaly quite expensive. Only £5.

Rinse Vol.1 - Geeneus…EW5

Greatest Hits…374

World's Heaviest Dubstep Grime And Bass…374


Rules And Regulations…374

More Fire Crew CV…374

Dubstep Drama…374

Soul Food Vol.1…374

A Little Darker…374

Diamond In The Dirt…433


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Why so cold?

I'm going to wager that it's because it seems that the majority of people don't seem to really understand the concept of this site, they will have voted cold because:
- They don't like grime music
- They don't know what grime music is
- They're bitter that young people aren't listening to Pink Floyd like they did when they were young.
- The Daily Mail told them that Grime is linked to gun crime

While Grime isn't really my thing (though the people who make it are clearly very talented), a quick Froogle search reveals that these CDs go for anywhere between £8 and £18, and this is therefore a hot deal.

Voted hot!

Not quite grime as such but Play also have Dubstep Allstars Vols. 1 - 5 (ex. Vol. 4 which is £8.99 for 2xCD), the excellent Roots of Dubstep compilation (HIGHLY recommended), 200 (compilation on Planet Mu with Darqwan, Benga etc.), Sacred Sounds of Mu (another compilation on Planet Mu with Virus Syndicate, Vex'd etc.) and Grime / Grime 2 (tasty pair of compilations featuring the likes of Kode9, Mark One, Plastician etc.) all for a fiver each.


- The Daily Mail told them that Grime is linked to gun crime

Don't think The Daily Mail knows what Grime is.

The Guardian OTOH, certainly says it's linked to violence…tml…tml

As the poster above me stated, the amount of people using this site that have still have not grasped the concept that it is how good a deal is, not whether they personally like the product, absolutely baffles me.

Voted hot.
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