Various Heinz Baby Food reduced to 10p @ Lloyds Pharmacy

Various Heinz Baby Food reduced to 10p @ Lloyds Pharmacy

Found 28th Jan 2009
just went into my local branch in Milton Keynes to get some medicine and noticed a basket full of heinz baby food reduced to 10p I would of bought some but im not a baby unfortunately yer i know its hard to believe. not sure if its nationwide but worth a check.


This is a great price for a quality baby food. I'm sure not every mum has the time, all of the time, to cook baby a dinner. Nice to have something on standby in case of emergencies. I suppose you never have a ready meal or a take away. Heat and rep for the deal :thumbsup:

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i agree with fozzza i dont always have time to make food for my daughter especially if im going out for the day a jar of babyfood is handy to keep in my changing bag.

handy to take out with you, days out car journeys etc
heat added

Nice on OP Heat and Rep left
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