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Posted 23 September 2022

Various Iceland Curry meals/Rice (E.g. Chicken Korma/Bhuna/Chinese Chicken/Pilau) 5 for £5 Online Exclusive @ Iceland

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    Use code HIFIVE for £5 off a £45 spend. Says new customers only but worked when I just tried and I’ve had a few deliveries.
    Good for new customers didn’t work for me (existing)
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    If you like chicken, chicken or chicken then it's a great deal.

    Other ingredients do exist... Wish they had a little more imagination
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    Voted hot but another lceland good multiple buy that is an online exclusive.
    100% agree, it's annoying and I don't really like posting online exclusive stuff tbh. However did it incase it might help someone who's got a delivery
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    Typical watered-down 'British' version of the real stuff. I was very upset as I know what the real one tastes like.
    It's a quid from iceland's freezers mate.
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    Best supermarket curries
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    This range are regulars in my baskets and very enjoyable, super deal.
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    They used to do a veggie curry ... Shame they discontinued it
    I agree
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    Any idea when the offer ends?
    No, but think it's for a limited time only
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    linkys no workys - but heated added! Should I clear a bit of space in my freezer?
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    Oooh a bhuna, now they're talking. Hope it's like the stuff you get in India unlike supermarktets korma and jalfrezis and butter chickens.

    And the tikka masala is just always so bland like chicken in tommy k.

    I'll give the bhuna and pilau a go tonight (edited)
    I wouldn't say it's takeaway standard flavour, but they're not bad, keep an eye on the pilau as can get dry
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    Cheap and chearfull, had these to try them and not the best by a very long stretch.. But good price if needs must
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    I can recommend the hot chicken tikka and the chicken madras, both lovely.
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    These are good currys
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    thanks OP just ordered £110.50 of shopping for £44.00 minus another £2 as paid with bonus card although I did get stung with £3 delivery charge within that as had to get it delivered to a friend as they don't deliver to my address still saved £70.50
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    Their kormas any good? Actually taste like korma?
    These are all pretty decent when reduced to £2, and the spicy ones have a kick as well!
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    Recommendations Please
    If you like curry then buy some.
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    Minimum £40 for FREE home delivery.
    40 curries it is then.
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    Supermarkets are too afraid to sell genuine takeaway tasting currys as the calories would be much higher
    Half of the takeaway curry's I've had taste like a can of tomato soup mixed with a tin of coconut milk.

    I've also been to 2 highly rated restaurants in Birmingham, Asha's and Rajdoot both fine but nothing to write home about.

    Supermarkets do a good enough job for a fraction of the price, if I want a good curry I'll make one from scratch.