Various LittleBigPlanet Merchandise from £4.99 @ Play

Various LittleBigPlanet Merchandise from £4.99 @ Play

Found 5th Jul 2010
For anyone who pre ordered the sackboy soft toys but have never got them due to the release date being pushed back, have listed a load of new mechandise due for release this friday ( whether we will actually see it or not is another question) and they have posted pictures as well so it's looking hopefull
Heres a couple examples :
Little Big Planet: Sack Boy Key Ring Dangler - £4.99
Little Big Planet: Collector Edition 6" Soft Toy: Sack Boy - £8.99
Links in the next post!
Thanks for looking.


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6 " Collector Edition -…tml
Beanie -…tml
6" chop chop collector edition -…tml
Peace Sackboy figure -…tml
Large soft toy -…tml
Gloria Collector Edition -…tml
Sky Collector Edition -…tml
Voodoo Collector Edition -…tml
Keyring -…tml
Marvin Collector Edition -…tml
Girl Collector Edition -…tml

Thank you! Our house is LBP mad. We had to buy a hand knitted Sackboy for our son because we'd promised him the soft toy for his birthday. He loves it

Already knew about these items and not rushing to pre-order them as i prefer the articulated figures instead, but cheers for the link as play have finally added images

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No worries, I only just noticed they added images
Hopefully that means we will be seeing these soon BUT it wouldn't suprise me if they hold these back for the LBP 2 launch!

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Also on there

Wonder if these will ever come into stock?

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