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Posted 14 February 2023

Various Medium Easter Eggs 75p (e.g Smarties 119g / Rolo 128g / Freddo Faces 96g / Mini Eggs 97g) @ Morrisons

£0.75£1.2540% off
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1/2 price offer from tomorrow at Morrisons. The offer should be available both instore and online. The offer runs until the 21st February.

Source (Metro Newspaper)

Morrisons More details at Morrisons

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  1. Avatar
    These are small not medium
    Sadly shrinkflation, they are medium now! 75p can't complain
  2. Avatar
    This is the price they should be.

    Hopefully people won't fall for the obvious con-trick of paying £1.25/£1.50. (edited)
    Well said
  3. Avatar
    so the small become even smaller
    the medium now become the small
    so waiting to see if the large are now the medium
    They are 🙈
  4. Avatar
    These are so small, calling them 'Medium' is ridiculous!
    Vote with your wallet. I stopped buying Mondelez years ago. The chocolate doesn't even melt in the mouth properly. The only recipe untouched seems to be "dairy milk", though not sure that is true anymore. Someone bought me a box of milk try the other day and the whole box tastes of TCP. Junk. (edited)
  5. Avatar
    75p is all they are worth. Don't let corporate greed believe £1.50 is normal for an cheaply made egg
  6. Avatar
    you just look like a tight arse to children giving them these
    They're the best value ones by far. Give them 5 of these for the price of a half-decent sized one.

    You get so much more chocolate for your money, not to mention the variety. Both meant more to me as a kid than the size of the actual egg!
  7. Avatar
    They were charging £1.50 for these last week in my local Morrisons, stacks full no one was buying them...

    This price however is more reasonable (edited)
    shame this is bad for your teeth and blood sugar levels
  8. Avatar
    Would be nice to have an offer on real eggs. They have become so expensive and rare now!
  9. Avatar
    I heard that there's a bloke down the pub whose mate knows a geezer who has the number of some guy who can do you 200,000 Cadbury's Cream Eggs for 40 quid.
    200,000? He a HGV driver by any chance?
  10. Avatar
    Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully larger ones will be on offer next week🤞
  11. Avatar
    This is a great offer, just wish creme egg were included
    Surely they are?
    Such deals usually include all of this size
  12. Avatar
    100g of cheap chocolate, about all they're worth
  13. Avatar
    My local has white buttons included and no rolos. Seems a great deal to me, gonna buy 5 each for sisters kids. Reckon they'd prefer 5 random small ones to one big one. I reckon I would.
  14. Avatar
  15. Avatar
    You'd only know how cheap these things are that they make if you had an army of robots. Seems like they are being generous. They certainly won't go bankrupt (edited)
  16. Avatar
    I noticed a lot of the 100g Cadbury bars are now £1.35+ these eggs are a good price for 2023 .

    I wonder if Tesco will repeat the offer, too? At least the small boxes are easier to store out the way
  17. Avatar
    Bargain at just 75p.
    I love Cadbury Easter egg chocolate. Tastes so much nicer than a bar of chocolate. Wish they sold them all year through! (edited)
  18. Avatar
    Went to Morrisons last night. These are absolutely tiny!

    utter rip off and the customer being taken for a fool again.
    Where have u been the last 5 years...size is same and 75p is same promo...a really good deal
  19. Avatar
    Cadbury ones are Entry size, ie Small. Other brand is described as medium and are a few grams heavier.
    127 grams to 96 grams
    Use to be £1 now £125 for less
    Medium now the new small and yes
    Large the new medium
  20. Avatar
    so hot
  21. Avatar
    Just bought a stack, just as cheap as a chocolate bar if not cheaper and I too love cadburys
    We got 12
  22. Avatar
    Any one know when tescos are dropping there price on these we no morrisons in Northern Ireland xxx
  23. Avatar
    Dont know why but I find the smaller cheaper Cadbury ones taste better than the larger ones, ie that dairy milk 100g whatever will be better than the 400g - do they make them in different factories?.
    No...it's your imagination (edited)
  24. Avatar
    Clacton Morrisons only had buttons or freddos both 98g
    Ooh buttons are my fave!
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