Various nuts 99p @ Waitrose

Various nuts 99p @ Waitrose

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Found 31st Dec 2016
Found today at waitrose store. 99p for a selection of inshell almonds, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts and walnuts.


Thank You !!!

Various nuts 99p @ Waitrose .........Yep there are............I've seen them walk in

good find op, heat added

You'd be nuts to pass up such a decent deal...

I usually find more nuts in Poundland

Good find op, might take a wander over to waitrose myself today,
hoping weight of nuts decent size,

Wish they were already roasted.

This deal really is nuts! Don't let me cashew missing out on it!

The fact pecan get this sort of price is mental!

Thanks. Just bought one. Heat!!!

squirelling these awa!
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