Various PS3/XBOX360/PC/PS2 games for £5 @ ASDA Entertainment (online) + Quidco

Various PS3/XBOX360/PC/PS2 games for £5 @ ASDA Entertainment (online) + Quidco

Found 28th May 2009Made hot 28th May 2009…ist

Such as:

The Darkness
Tony Hawks Proving Ground
Dark Sector
Company of Heroes
ProEvo 2008


HOT, cheap for these game, good find.!

Tony Hawk's sold out on the 360

Voted hot though!

Tony hawk's is amazing for the price

The Darkness is a cracker....good find. Heat & Rep added. :thumbsup:


shame tony hawks is still £15 on ps3...

Great deal, cheers hot:thumbsup:

Good old Asda, I even bought 'Dead Space' which had been reduced to £10 !? ( INSTORE only !? )


I picked up both the £5 PS3 games. Can't go wrong for that price!

Also, don't forget Quidco for 2.5%.

Get peggle ! itll drive you mental

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Excellent!I picked up both the £5 PS3 games. Can't go wrong for that … Excellent!I picked up both the £5 PS3 games. Can't go wrong for that price!Also, don't forget Quidco for 2.5%.

thanks for the reminder - i've amended the title (rep left) :thumbsup:

Dark sector gets dull pretty quick. it has a few good moments but not many.

Nothing bargainous compared to other sellers, really.

The Darkness and Dark Sector are decent (if ageing) games, but I picked them both up for a little less... think The Darkness was £4.45 at Zavvi, but it's gone up again now.

is really the best place to go.

Best price on Dark Sector at the moment, but The Darkness a little cheaper at The Hut.

Most of these games seem to be there or thereabouts on a lot of sites.

The darkness was the first game i bought for the 360 and i still have it and i paid £39.99 for it from tesco and loved it if you like survival horrors this is for you and i paid £29.99 for dark sector so these are good buys even if they have both been around this price with various retailers for a while.

good deal. ordered ark Sector for the 360, don't know anything about it but hopefully will be half decent. Can't really go wrong for a fiver!

the darkness is a great game very atmospheric and good story, dark sector meh nothing to write home about

Might just order The Darkness, thanks OP.

The Darkness is £4.73 at the Hut, free delivery and in stock:

Thanks to the OP for this post, heat added

Dark sector is a brilliant game,well worth £5.


Can't really go wrong for a fiver!

But do it enough times, and you won't have the money to afford something you really want.

None in gateshead asda

I received a email from asda that makes no sence as the game is still £5 online

Thank you for ordering with us at Asda Entertainment Online.

I am sorry to advise that as a result of a technical problem your order for The Darkness was shown at the incorrect price. This item is available for the price as currently advertised on the website.

Please feel free to re-order at this price, in the meantime your current order has been cancelled and no payment has been taken. We apologise for any inconvenience that may have been caused.

Thanks for your patience, should you have any further questions please contact us through your online account message centre or on 0845 3666 977 and we will be happy to help you.

Many Thanks,

ASDA Entertainment Team,
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