Various Star Wars Christmas Decorations £1.00 each @ Poundland
Ok so I know in some parts of the UK theres a mini heat wave, but I picked these up today as I can't see them lasting until December.

As well as the baubles and hanging decorations in my pic, they also had tinsel which matches the black and silver baubles, R2 D2 Santa hats and Chewbacca Stockings ( the festive type!!!! )


Haha brilliant! My 4 yr old loves Star Wars and these would go great in his room. Thanks for the heads up !

did you notice any other themes

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did you notice any other themes

​There were some Frozen decorations as well, didn't have a proper look at those though.


did you notice any other themes

they had marvel,frozen and spiderman i think?

got the star wars 2 big baubles.great for the price,cant wait to put my tree up

Saw these earlier and sent a photo in store to Star Wars nut brother!

They're online, too.

Star Wars Baubles 9 Pack (Darth/Stormtrooper) poundland.co.uk/sta…ack

Star Wars Chewbacca Stocking poundland.co.uk/sta…ing

Star Wars R2d2 Christmas Hat poundland.co.uk/sta…hat

Star Wars Baubles 2 pack poundland.co.uk/sta…ack

Star Wars Ceramic Hanging Decoration "Merry Force Be With You" (arf) poundland.co.uk/sta…ion

Avengers baubles: poundland.co.uk/mar…ack

Frozen thingybobs: poundland.co.uk/cat…mas
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