Various Suncreams: Nivea, Simple, Piz Buin & More - £2.99 - £4.99 Instore @ Home Bargains

Various Suncreams: Nivea, Simple, Piz Buin & More - £2.99 - £4.99 Instore @ Home Bargains

Found 9th Apr 2011
Purchased some suncream today from Home Bargains. Nivea childrens spf30 £3.99, spf 20 £3.99, Simple spf50 £2.99, spf15 £2.99. They also had Piz Buin All Day one application in spf10 & spf 30 for £4.99 - lots of other brands on the shelves too at good prices. Worth a look if you need to stock up.
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Good find, I would have thought this would have been hotter, just like the weather were avin8)
Check the dates, it goes off.
Do they put use by dates on as I have last year's bargains and burn like a burny thing?
Don't think suncreams have dates on them
Thanks for the heads up - HOT
According to my resident expert here, they can go off over time, especially once opened or kept in a warm place over time. We have had experience of brand creams, that have become out of date and then not protected us from sunburn in the past. I'm not sure if they all have use by dates on the container, worth a check. In my experience, some bargain stores do release oldish stock now and again on some items.

I've only seen best before dates on my E45 suncream. I've had suncream before which you could tell had gone off because it was kind of curdled. I've got a whole range of suncreams I've had for a few years I don't know whether to get rid of or not. I'll let my husband try them, see if he burns!!
I picked up a couple of bottles of Calipso dry oil SPF15 yesterday - £2.50 each. Good few to choose from and they have the handy little tubes of sun-cream which are great for putting in your bag to take out rather than carry a big bottle.
Try Calipso Once a Day for £6.99, best suncream ever, though it's not techically a cream it's like P20 but better, doesn't have rank smell and make you look slightly yellow, and really Calipso is loads cheaper.
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