Various suntan lotions and sprays from £1.50 @ Sainsburys

Various suntan lotions and sprays from £1.50 @ Sainsburys

Found 16th Mar 2014
Various suntan lotions and sprays from Piz Buin,Ambre Solaire and Nivea reduced in Sainsburys Orpington. Prices start at £2.50, this is a great price considering most of these usually start at £6.95 upwards. They even have Nivea after sun for £1.50. Loads left on the shelves!

This deal, to the best of my knowledge is only available in the Orpington branch of Sainsburys, but may be worth a look if you are going to your local branch. Hope this helps someone save some money!
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Some in Edinburgh!
Just make sure you check the dates on the bottles - yes, sun tan creams have use by dates and do lose their effectiveness and these may be old stock. If it's in date - BARGAIN!!!
Great might just pop into my local just in case :-)
I got some Piz Buin "Wet skin" SPF30 in my local Sainsburys the other day for £3 reduced from about £10 and it is great not greasy at all and you can apply it when your skin is still wet.
Which Edinburgh store
A few on offer at sainsburys marina swansea. On a shelf with the normal full priced ones. Good reductions on the Hawiian tropic aftersuns too, £3 from £10
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